Friday, January 20, 2006

Friendly Friday

Hello Friends of the Friendless Marching Band! Are you ready for a one of a kind march? Are you ready to visit three original bloggers who are busy at being themselves, which is not always easy, y'know.

To help you get into the mood, I have something very special to share with you. Our cymbalist, Sister Celtic used a internet program called Picasso Head to design this beautiful portrait of our FFMB. (She is having a Picasso Head competition on her blog which you might like to look into. Competition ends Jan 31, Tuesday.)

Is this not beautiful or what? That is me at the bottom, see the "C" for both Carol and conductor.
Notice who signed this photo and that we are wearing our bearskin caps from last week!

(Get ready band members, you never know who might be asked to use their special gifts for Friendly Friday.)

This week's featured site is Brother Terry. I like his blog because
  • of this quote, " A guy who falls into a trap, might realize something bad has happened to him and try and crawl out, but a person born in a trap doesn't even know he's in there. The trap is that you think you're following Jesus because you're living just like your Christian friends and relatives, when in fact you are all only following each other!"
  • I envision interesting Bible discussions
  • he is a great story teller
  • he loves poetry

Also check out Ardist at River-Tree Whispers.
He is a poet who does haiku. (Our trombonist might want to take special note.)

Then visit T. Stormcrowe at The Amazing Shrinking Man! and also here. He suffers from morbid obesity but is doing an incredible job of taking the weight off. He also is one of the finalists in the Best of the Blogs.

So have fun and let them know we are there!

Let the nominations continue.
Banners available here.


brother terry said...

Thanks Carol!

I'll be glad to join the Band!


Mango Lane said...

This comment is for brother terry since I am unable to leave one on his blog. This is a thought-provoking site. It is encouraging to find someone who seems to be earnestly seeking the truth. I will enjoy visiting his blog in the future.

Mango Lane said...

This comment is for Amazing Shrinking Man. (again, I was unable to leave one there) Your story is definitely inspiring. I wish you all the best on your journey.

DwayneinBonanza said...

Hello all just now get home from work thanks Carol for making brother Terry on your list think he has a great blog.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Carol just made the march....very interesting group this week. Oh, I like the hats too!

zeb said...

"What is truth?"
Pontius Pilate
(just before delivering Jesus to the jews for crucifixion)

zeb said...

Hi Carol
Could you please tell me step by step how to link my blog to this site?

jane said...

This is an excellent idea! I am going to check out some of these blogs & am putting you on my Bloglines.

Barbara said...

Great parade route this week.
I'm glad the band is growing.

manas said...

i need to check the link asap..sounds cool !!
Love...MANAS r u carol? been a long time since i left last comment here !!

Carol said...

Brother Terry,
What a great sport you are!
I'm glad you joined, just choose whatever instrument you like.

You leave such thoughtful comments.

Sorry about that. I will definitely be more careful about that in the future. I hope you will join us.

Thank you for nominating a friendless site.

Lazy Daisy,
Keep up the good job, Grrrl!

John 17:17 "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth."

I linked you Zeb.

I am honored, Jane.

It is exciting!

Hi Manas,
Good to hear from you!
I still have that cold but am taking advantage of being under the weather to blog more.

ardi k said...

Yes, I'm in. How about a piccolo-playing poet to take up the rear? Thanks for the invite.

Carol said...

That sounds great!

David said...

its a beautiful picture and a good choice this week! you are so cool!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hi there Carol! Thanks for the visit, I had just gor home from the hospital today! Thanks for the good words and I did enjoy the visit! Actually, I am blogging over at MSN now, and the last headline posting in my blog is a redirect link to The Amazing Shrinking Man over @ MSN Spaces. Come on by!

Carol said...

That is nice of you to say David! Thanks.

Thanks T. Stormcrowe for stopping by. It looked kinda complicated to leave a comment on the MSN site.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, it's pretty easy, just sign in to MSN on your .net passport and leave yourself signed in and msn remembers you! After that it's a snap! If you don't have a msn .net passport(Which you should have if you have a hotmail account......great backup email, by the way!)

Carol said...

T. Stormcrowe,
Would you believe I found my password for an old msn account. It worked too!

How about becoming a member of the band after all my hard work to leave a comment?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

By the way! I forgot to mention, I play the PIPES! BADLY! Bagpipes played badly sound exactly what it looks like, squeezing a cat under your arm while biting it's tail!

Carol said...

Okay, you are on, Mr. T.