Monday, January 30, 2006

Olympics Over!

Well, 2006 Blog Olympics are officially history but it sounds like it will be an annual event. Lazy Daisy's daily reports of the events were informative and fun.

There was a tie for the overall gold medal winner. Congrats to them both for they are worthy of their victory. Both train several hours a day to get their blog into shape. Running 2Ks spends up to 5 hours a day blogging while Uisce has created an 80 hour day to fit blogging into his life. All the work it takes to get a gold, makes me glad for my silvers.

My Medals:

Medal for Longevity.
338 days of blogging

Medal for Updates.
0.939 days between post

Medal for Comments
Medal for Out-Links
16 out links

Medal for Internet
Score 885

Medal for Least Errors
96 errors


Uisce said...

I can't wait for next year! I'll be watching from the sidelines, as I have signed on with the BlogCapades and there goes my amateur status! I've got a special blogroll on my site, so I hope to keep up with my fellow olympians!

Running2Ks said...

I love your medals. You have reason to be proud!

Su said...

Verrrry impressive! You deserve a long holiday...

Stephen said...

Exhausting, wasn't it?

DwayneinBonanza said...

Glad everyone had fun I was deep in my own thoughts alot last week. Did not keep up with it alot but I will soon. God bless

Fred said...

I enjoyed this. Looking forward to next year!

David said...

carol you must be proud! you made thos eguys at the front run harder and worry around the final turn. PLUS you have the FFMB which is a bautiful idea and a "heart of gold' use for blogging.
I sent Barbara some preserves today for her efforts.

Lish said...

Congrats Carol!

Barbara said...

Carol - You are a champion blogger!

David said...

are there any old pizza crusts left ? I am craving wheat. new post on my blog

Carol said...

Thanks everyone! It was a fun week. I recommend it to all.

Yes, especially with all the extracurricular activities going on.

I kept them in a bag in the freezer for you. I thought that the craving would be hitting around now.

Lish said...

Carol, check out my new profile pic. I found a redhaired girl playing the piccolo. Isn't that cool? I can't believe I found this.

Carol said...

Hey Lish,
Sometimes I post pics that band members have chosen to identify themselves so keep this one handy!

sister celtic said...

hey carol only 2 people entered so maybe i will try again and make it less time.. oh well..

Carol said...

Don't be discouraged, Sister Celtic,
It still is a good idea. Go ahead with it and keep trying.

mar said...

Wasn't it a fun week? congratulations on your medals! Here I linked to you, as I am already training for 2007!

zeb said...

In tenacious running for the planet's most obscure blogg, so please do not visit my blog.
I mean it !!!
Don't even think about it.
There's nothing here to see folks, please move along

Carol said...

It was great fun!

Okay ;)