Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hey, I Wanted to Win a Blog Award. What Do You Think the Odds Were?

There's a 35% chance that I'll win a Bloggie™.
What's Your Chance to Win a Bloggie™?

I really wanted to be a Best of Blog's Most Inspirational blog
I didn't make the final cut.


Come on, make me feel better,
tell me that I have Most Inspirational or
the Funniest (well, I can hope) or
the Most Serious or
the Best Conductor of a Band or
the Best You-Name-it Blog!

All ideas are welcome...


Fred said...

I'm in a rotten mood. I missed the cut, too. Maybe I'll steal a few ideas your readers give you. :)

Rodney Olsen said...

I was in the finals for Inspirational Blog last year. I think I finished about 6th.

Awards are nice but having a bunch of people who regularly read what you have to say is a pretty good reward for your efforts.

mompoet said...

You have the friendliest blog by far, Carol. Is there a category for that?

Carol said...

Hi Fred,
What category were you nominated for?

Hi Rodney! You are right, of course. Just teasin', kinda...

Yes, that's it. The Friendliest Blog seems very appropriate!

Mango Lane said...

I would declare your blog as the best Variety blog. There is no specific theme to your blog. It is inspirational but it is also humorous, poignant, creative and insightful. Your blog also reveals that you are a really nice person.

Carol said...

Yeah, Mango,like the Best Variety Show or Vaudeville Blog. (y'know like Ethel and Fred Mertz)
Oh, what fun ideas.

I don't know if I want to go down in blog history as the Nicest Blog though.

colleen said...

It's hard to pinpoint a catergory for so many good blogs. Have you ever heard of "High Class Blogs." I got an email invite, but I'm not sure its legite.

I took the test just now and only have a 20% chance!

Barbara said...

How about most mysterious....who the heck is Chevy??!!


The most comfortable blog, the one where people like to hang out.


The best blog written by Carol.

Barbara said...

I only have a 20% chance at a bloggie too.

Carol said...

Hi Colleen. I really don't know if you and Barbara are doing the quizzes accurately.

Hi Barbara (the Barbara that made the top 10 finalist for Best New Blog!)
Those all sound good. I wasn't sure about the Best Blog Written by Carol until I did a blog search and came up with 389,895 matches for Carol.

Barbara said...

Carol - The reason I chose the category "Best blog written by Carol" is because your the reason I read your blog. It was difficult for me to define exactly what it is about your blog, I just know that I genuinely like the person who writes it.

Jennifer said...

You inspire me, Carol! How about that?

Texasgal said...

I only made 20% on that blog least your a little closer to being a winner! ~Sarah

Carol said...

Thanks Jennifer,That is the sweetest thing to say.

Texas Gal,
I retook the quiz because of all these low scores and I got 35% 30% 25%.
Not that I am obsessive or anything!

Lazy Daisy said...

Carol you would win the blog for the most unique blog or the Kindest Commentor. You always have nice things to say to everyone and are such an encourager!

sister celtic said...

carol your blog is anticipated to make my day.. i feel it's so blog freindly it reeks best of blogs...and yes your # 1 when it comes to leading the band...we don't need the red cross when we have you!

Carol said...

Whoa, that felt good! Thanks everyone.

Raehan said...

You are VERY imspirational, my dear. And have an amazing heart.

I hereby give you a medal for looking out for the friendless. You are someone I could be friends with in real life, too.

Carol said...

Thank you dear Raehan. (who by the way did make the top 10 inspirational blog at BOB and you can see why!)

David said...

your's is the best "blog run by an impaired person"

Carol said...

Hi David
Not this girl.