Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Perfect Post

Every month Lindsey and Momma K host the Perfect Post awards where bloggers, such as you and I, get to pick our favorite post of the month.

This month I chose Kai's poem, My Star, to be my January's Perfect Post. Kai is a joy and inspiration to read. Her voice grows stronger and more confident every day.

A Perfect Post – January 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pretty Women Chapter 3.2

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three:Pretty Women Chapter 3.1

Jolene had to push the door hard to open and discovered that the basement was overflowing with clientele. Marie heard the buzzer and waved to Jolene over the coiffed heads, motioning for her to have a seat.
Marie's eyes were red as were the others.

"I couldn't believe the news," the woman in the chair sobbed. "Glynnis and I were like this," she held two fingers together and burst out hysterically. "We were always going to meet for lunch..."
Marie nodded, "She called me at my home number around eight last night to make an appointment. At this exact hour she would've been on the bed." Marie looked over to the tanning room. The goggles were mournfully placed where she would've lied. The puffed eyes followed Marie's gaze to the only vacant spot in the salon.

"You know what bothers me the most," Marie whispered. The room was silent. "That poor Mr. Charleswood had to hear the gunshot and the scream but was unable to move to get help. Can you imagine his agony as he lay there half paralyzed in his second story bedroom?"

"Yes. It was lucky that he had his cell phone nearby," a woman sitting beside Jolene replied. "The newspaper said that his dog, Armani, was frantic with fear when they arrived. Mr. Charleswood's bedroom door was closed and Armani was clawing and jumping at the door, trying to get in. He needed comfort from his master."

"Mrs. Charleswood ran into me a few months ago," Jolene added but no one paid any attention to the oversized girl in the corner.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pretty Women: Chapter 3.1

You might want to read these preceding chapters to Pretty Women.
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Pretty Women Chapter 3.1

Jolene tripped over the newspaper that was thrown on their front step. She muttered to herself as she threw the crumpled pages into the house and hurriedly slammed the door so as not to miss the schoolbus.
Suddenly, she stopped. "Glynnis Charleswood Murdered?" The blaring headline and familiar picture from the seminar pamphlet slapped Jolene and she fumbled to re-open the locked door. "What?"

Jolene was in a daze throughout all of her classes with thoughts of the once shimmering Glynnis.

Glynnis, in her cabriolet, sidelining Jolene on her skateboard. Shouting but radiant as she stood over the bruised body.
Glynnis speaking her affirmations to hundreds of transfixed, pretty women seated in a row.
Glynnis falling from the stage after Jolene’s surprise appearance.
Glynnis, limping from the auditorium.
Glynnis dying from a gunshot to her head.

Bewildered by these memories, Jolene caught the bus home but wandered over to Marie's basement salon. She needed to talk.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pretty Women : Chapter Two

In order to better understand and appreciate the following Chapter Two of Pretty Women, it is advised that interested readers first read Chapter One.
Or if you have done so previously but have forgotten it, please re-read Chapter One.

Please feel free to critique
or otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the continuing saga of
Pretty Women.

Chapter Two

When the trees began to drop their leaves in an exposing fall dance, Glynnis knew it was time to give up her caregiving position. "I married and nurtured him for how many years now?" she asked as she screwed up her eyes in thought. "For two years, I have looked after him, affirmed his every action, his every word and what has he done in return?

Glynnis gripped the steering wheel firmly and her plan began. An outfit was bought for the occasion, a white cashmere sweater and Agatha tweed pants. Unfortunately, they were concealed by a stiff white lab coat which she took from its hook in the hall. The pharmaceutical research center was quiet being closed for the evening. She managed to find her way through the locked doors.

As she counted the white pills into a green emptied bottle, she daydreamed of the funeral and what she would wear. The excitement of wearing a black Dries Van Noten almost made her lose count.

The security guards saw Glynnis leave the center. She looked like a successful and well dressed research assistant. When questioned by them, she listed several possible chemical reactions which she had memorized from posters in the washroom. The security guards bent down cooingly as she looked up at them with her soft, doey eyes. They unlocked the door.

"I must make make an appointment with Marie tomorrow," Glynnis thought as she looked in the rear view mirror to apply the rumbleberry lipstick to her faintly hairy lips.

As she drove home, she thought of William waiting for her to return. His 90 year old body reclined on their burgandy leather couch, his feet resting on the ottoman while their dog, Armani, licked his well worn slippers. Glynnis had told him that she would be at another one of her seminars but instead, Glynnis excitedly thought, instead she was filling his prescription, an undetectable prescription. She had heard about this toxicological breakthrough through one of her fanatical converts.

"Do I know you, Mrs. Charleswood?"
Glynnis looked up in surprise. She had been fumbling in her Vuitton handbag for the medication she planned to give to William before he went to sleep. Instead of lying on the couch as she had imagined, William stood tall before her with a loaded rifle aimed at her pretty but disproportionate head.
Glynnis grimaced in horror, her trembling hands dropped the pill container. She almost had time to begin her mantra before she fell as a leaf.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Diary,

I hit the snooze alarm. Three times to be exact. Even though I had to rush to get ready for an appointment, I managed to spend a few minutes on a crossword. (I have to get the 4x a week in somehow)

Did I mention that I am seeing a therapist? No, probably not, as I was intending to keep that information private but then more recently I convinced myself that writing a day in the life of Carol would be more amusing.

So I saw the therapist and I felt really good after our talk. He said, jokingly, I think, that I might need to experience more mania. He is a good bloke although he talks ALOT. I thought he wasn't supposed to say a thing but "um" and "eh" as he is Canadian too.

Then I came back to make lunch for Hubby (and Daughter who luckily got to sleep until noon).

The afternoon was fun-filled as I had to get groceries. I hate using their washrooms. There are real flowers on the counter but no toilet paper and the floors...well, I just won't go there. Then the greeter stopped me on the way out to inspect my cart. "What I did do wrong?" I cried. She mumbled something about items on the bottom of the cart. My total trip from the initial drive off to "everything is put away" was 2 1/2 hours.

My Middle Daughter made us all hot chocolate. Nummy. Had a snack break while I finished the crossword. Okay, I cheated abit. Acov might be a sea above the Black Sea and Prince Arn's mother might be Aleta. Main thing is I finished it, yeah Carol!

I talked to Mango briefly as supper preparations were hectic. My Eldest was my assistant. We had Shake'n Bake Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob (which is very expensive this time of year) and salad. Everything tasted great but I had no time for dessert as we were off to Bible Study.

We have been studying the book of Hebrews. Today we discussed the differences between the Old Testament High Priests and Jesus. Eg. Jesus took His own blood into the heavenly tabernacle just once while the High Priests had to take the blood of calves and goats into a earthly tabernacle every year.

I had a good talk with a young Christian who mentioned a Creationist web site. Hmmm. He held my interest and I showed him a picture of a giant gray rabbit that I had clipped out of the paper.

That was my day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tip on Improving Your Mind

I read an *article that said that doing crosswords four times a week can decrease the chances for getting Alzheimer's almost in half. As a result, I am trying to make it a habit. The people that I know that do crosswords have amazing memory recall.
You wanna try it?

* I am referring to the Canadian magazine Chatelaine, Jan 07 edition.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ten Things That Define My Style

Thanks for the tag, Kai.
  1. Being a Christian, born again through the waters of baptism, is the essence of who I am and who I want to be.
  2. Being a Wife and Mother gives my days love and structure.
  3. Where would I be without Mango and the others? We're good friends, honest, loyal and fun...
  4. I like to play.
  5. I like variety.
  6. I am bipolar, diagnosed 18 years ago. I haven't had another manic episode since but do suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression.
  7. My sad side struggles with feelings of inferiority but I am slowly learning to be happy with who I am...
  8. but weaknesses can be a good thing.
  9. My job demands that I get out of the house and use the left side of my brain.
  10. I am an introvert, not too many people know what lurks beneath. You do.

I would like to challenge any women from the FFMB blogroll or from the Bipolar Planet ring to do this meme. Leave me a comment and I will post a link to your "Ten Things..."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Mother,

I used to write of the losses of the womb-
you let me leave although I was not ready
You knew that
but you closed your eyes and pushed

Then when I was struggling all alone
you ran to me, holding me with your eyes
I knew you wanted to keep me always
but you closed your eyes and pushed

There is a babe floundering at my feet
I can't let her go yet,
can I ?
I need to hold her with my eyes and feel her in my arms

then she will be ready

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jann Arden is a Canadian singer who struggled with her weight. Many of her fans who shared the same struggle felt emotionally connected to her. Unofficially she become their representative.

Then she lost weight... Some of these fans felt she had sold out to the other side.

Not all famous overweight, talented and confident women that lose weight are bowing to societal idols that preach "thin is in". They have health concerns, as well. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in Jann’s family.

It is her voice singing to other sensitive hearts.

Monday, January 01, 2007

I Just Gotta Do This

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
To not care what people think about me.

Get your resolution here.

Thanks Mompoet and Lazy Daisy for this fun way to make a resolution. I like it! What is yours?