Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jann Arden is a Canadian singer who struggled with her weight. Many of her fans who shared the same struggle felt emotionally connected to her. Unofficially she become their representative.

Then she lost weight... Some of these fans felt she had sold out to the other side.

Not all famous overweight, talented and confident women that lose weight are bowing to societal idols that preach "thin is in". They have health concerns, as well. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in Jann’s family.

It is her voice singing to other sensitive hearts.


Poetry by Kai said...

i think weight don't matter at all..& most people don't see that..
thats my opinion..
& she so pretty...

Anonymous said...

I saw Jann a couple of years ago at a concert in Vancouver. Besides being a great singer, she can spin an entertaining and compelling tale. I'd like to go camping or to a party with this gal.

Carol said...

I do wonder how she will manage with her new look.