Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pretty Women Chapter 3.2

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Jolene had to push the door hard to open and discovered that the basement was overflowing with clientele. Marie heard the buzzer and waved to Jolene over the coiffed heads, motioning for her to have a seat.
Marie's eyes were red as were the others.

"I couldn't believe the news," the woman in the chair sobbed. "Glynnis and I were like this," she held two fingers together and burst out hysterically. "We were always going to meet for lunch..."
Marie nodded, "She called me at my home number around eight last night to make an appointment. At this exact hour she would've been on the bed." Marie looked over to the tanning room. The goggles were mournfully placed where she would've lied. The puffed eyes followed Marie's gaze to the only vacant spot in the salon.

"You know what bothers me the most," Marie whispered. The room was silent. "That poor Mr. Charleswood had to hear the gunshot and the scream but was unable to move to get help. Can you imagine his agony as he lay there half paralyzed in his second story bedroom?"

"Yes. It was lucky that he had his cell phone nearby," a woman sitting beside Jolene replied. "The newspaper said that his dog, Armani, was frantic with fear when they arrived. Mr. Charleswood's bedroom door was closed and Armani was clawing and jumping at the door, trying to get in. He needed comfort from his master."

"Mrs. Charleswood ran into me a few months ago," Jolene added but no one paid any attention to the oversized girl in the corner.


Anonymous said...

You know what this reminds me of? Those short mysteries in Woman's World. I'll bet if you wrote something for them, they'd buy it form you. This is great! I want more.

Anonymous said...

Ran into her...pretty funny. Thanks for this installment Carol!

zeb said...

Can Jolene ever forget Glynnis and find true happiness or will the world slowly turn toward the edge of night?
I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Barbara said...

Anonymous said...
Ran into her...pretty funny. Thanks for this installment Carol!

Carol - I wonder why this says anonymous now. It didn't say anonymous last night. Did blogger lose my identity?tuzrr

Strange - very strange.


Carol said...

I switched to the new blogger format last night and had this,yes,strange occurrence.