Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pretty Women : Chapter Two

In order to better understand and appreciate the following Chapter Two of Pretty Women, it is advised that interested readers first read Chapter One.
Or if you have done so previously but have forgotten it, please re-read Chapter One.

Please feel free to critique
or otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the continuing saga of
Pretty Women.

Chapter Two

When the trees began to drop their leaves in an exposing fall dance, Glynnis knew it was time to give up her caregiving position. "I married and nurtured him for how many years now?" she asked as she screwed up her eyes in thought. "For two years, I have looked after him, affirmed his every action, his every word and what has he done in return?

Glynnis gripped the steering wheel firmly and her plan began. An outfit was bought for the occasion, a white cashmere sweater and Agatha tweed pants. Unfortunately, they were concealed by a stiff white lab coat which she took from its hook in the hall. The pharmaceutical research center was quiet being closed for the evening. She managed to find her way through the locked doors.

As she counted the white pills into a green emptied bottle, she daydreamed of the funeral and what she would wear. The excitement of wearing a black Dries Van Noten almost made her lose count.

The security guards saw Glynnis leave the center. She looked like a successful and well dressed research assistant. When questioned by them, she listed several possible chemical reactions which she had memorized from posters in the washroom. The security guards bent down cooingly as she looked up at them with her soft, doey eyes. They unlocked the door.

"I must make make an appointment with Marie tomorrow," Glynnis thought as she looked in the rear view mirror to apply the rumbleberry lipstick to her faintly hairy lips.

As she drove home, she thought of William waiting for her to return. His 90 year old body reclined on their burgandy leather couch, his feet resting on the ottoman while their dog, Armani, licked his well worn slippers. Glynnis had told him that she would be at another one of her seminars but instead, Glynnis excitedly thought, instead she was filling his prescription, an undetectable prescription. She had heard about this toxicological breakthrough through one of her fanatical converts.

"Do I know you, Mrs. Charleswood?"
Glynnis looked up in surprise. She had been fumbling in her Vuitton handbag for the medication she planned to give to William before he went to sleep. Instead of lying on the couch as she had imagined, William stood tall before her with a loaded rifle aimed at her pretty but disproportionate head.
Glynnis grimaced in horror, her trembling hands dropped the pill container. She almost had time to begin her mantra before she fell as a leaf.


Anonymous said...


I'll have to add writing to the list of your many talents. Nicely done.


Anonymous said...

No pressure, but -- I WANT CHAPTER THREE!!!!!!!!! :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well written!! Do more! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Carol, this is a shock. Puts Glynnis in a whole new light. Good work. I await chapter 3.

Anonymous said...

Bye Lucy, hello Carol!