Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am Still Here...

Dear Blog Pals,
I am down to 1 tablet of lithium from the 4, I was taking 7 months ago. I have been feeling amazingly well. I still have some anxiety at times but am reaching levels of well being that I haven’t in a long time. This is not a mania but a calmful joy as I told my therapist. I am BUSY, for sure but also happy and grateful.

I have not been doing a lot of writing except for journalling and emails.

Currently, I am organizing a talent show for a church gathering. I feel almost like a conductor in a marching band, for real this time, although tuba-less.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Excerpts from a Life: An Epilogue

In my series of excerpts from my journals in the 70's, I talked a lot about my crush on Chevy, a fellow student at my High School. I lost weight and became anorexic in trying to win this boy but to no avail. I never even talked to him, except to ask for his autograph in my Grade 11 yearbook.

Epilogue: August 3, 2007

I was at my 30th High School Reunion this weekend.
At the evening get together, I told my Husband that I was looking for Chevy.
I noticed this fellow (a chunky man, kind of) with graying black hair and dark eyes. I looked at him and thought I might've known him. Our eyes met but I looked away, not knowing him after all. I had been looking at people like that ever since we arrived in my my hometown, trying to find faces that I might remember.

Then this kinda chunky man got up and I followed him (with my eyes). He walked up to me. "Hi Carol," he said. I looked quickly at his name tag and replied, "Hi Chevy."

Not wanting the moment to end, I invited him to sit down with my Husband and I. He proceeded to tell us, at record speed, his life story. I interrupted him at one point to ask, "Did you always talk this much?"

I felt like I was going to cry after a while; I knew my face showed it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When Dreams Become Reality

I am travelling to my 30th high school reunion this weekend. Saturday night, we will gather to share our reflections. I am not sure what this will all entail, but I wrote this poem in honor of what we shared together in 1977.
The grad theme that year was Roads Beyond Our Own. I was not in favor of this choice at the time. I preferred the one in the title of this poem, but as you will read, both are signicant in this present.

When Dreams Become Reality

The person beside
the person behind
the person beyond
were writing languidly in class.

The Lit teacher desired relevancy to our words
so we doodled the dreamy margins
of the final journal pages of June
with corsages and boutonnieres.

Time enough to hope in black and white
before roads grow gnarled
with passion, luck and life.
The paths bent around the corner, unrevealed

until now. With eager faces,
we travel down opened notebooks,
fulfilling the theme of long ago
of seeking roads beyond our own.