Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When Dreams Become Reality

I am travelling to my 30th high school reunion this weekend. Saturday night, we will gather to share our reflections. I am not sure what this will all entail, but I wrote this poem in honor of what we shared together in 1977.
The grad theme that year was Roads Beyond Our Own. I was not in favor of this choice at the time. I preferred the one in the title of this poem, but as you will read, both are signicant in this present.

When Dreams Become Reality

The person beside
the person behind
the person beyond
were writing languidly in class.

The Lit teacher desired relevancy to our words
so we doodled the dreamy margins
of the final journal pages of June
with corsages and boutonnieres.

Time enough to hope in black and white
before roads grow gnarled
with passion, luck and life.
The paths bent around the corner, unrevealed

until now. With eager faces,
we travel down opened notebooks,
fulfilling the theme of long ago
of seeking roads beyond our own.


rdl said...

Have fun! I missed mine, wish i had gone.

mompoet said...

Awesome reflection Carol. Our perceptions change so much as time goes by. I hope you have a wonderful time. Please post after, and tell us how it went!

Pat Paulk said...

Never been to one. I think our class stopped having them after 20. Have fun!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice poem! :)
I have 7 more years until it will be 30. We didn't have a 20th one, don't know why. Maybe we'll have a 30th.

Artpuppy said...

I hope you have fun! :)

Kai C. said...

this is beautiful, carol.

wandi said...

I hope you enjoy your reunion. I missed all of mine. I guess my 30th will be coming up next year. We'll see if I go. I have not heard anything about it so far. What a great poem.