Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She needs a life

He laughed, I am told,
as he slipped in that phrase

It's true
I don't sea kayak or hike up mountains
I haven't worked overseas
or taken my children around the world

But my mind has travelled through storms
and lived
I have meditated, my back against a mountain
and seen it removed

Then there is a plan to journey around eternity
with my family some day

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Friends of the Friendless Band Update

New band members this week include:

K8 the majorette
Mango the flag bearer!
And I thought that perhaps I should mention that I am also the conductor! (A band can have only one of those)

Sign up at any time!

Thank you Pearl for your submissions to the Friends of the Friendless.


Miracles are defined in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary as "an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency."
According to Vine's, a Bible dictionary, miracles result from a power which performs "works of supernatural origin and character, such as could not be produced by natural agents and means." Also, "they are done as a sign of Divine Authority."

Jesus did miracles. Their purpose was to prove that He was the Son of God. In John 5:31-39, Jesus declares the witnesses to His divinity-His Father, John the Baptist and the works He performed (miracles). Acts 2:22 states that God showed his approval of Jesus by the miracles.

The apostles and those that received miraculous gifts through the laying on of the apostles' hands were able to perform miracles in the New Testament. The Bible didn't exist as we know it now. The Old Testament was intact but the New Testament was in the process of being written. The miracles confirmed to mankind that these were the Words of God. Mark 16:20 and Hebrews 2:3-4.

Are miracles being performed today? There are rumors of miracles but how many actual miracles have you witnessed and confirmed the authenticity of ?

Miracles cannot be explained medically or scientifically. They are instantaneous. Miracles are when a blind man suddenly sees. John 9:1-7 He isn't just a face in the crowd; people can verify his infirmity. John 9:8-9;19-20

Or when a woman hemorrhaging for twelve years suddenly stops bleeding. Matthew 9:20-22

Or a lame man is immediately able to walk and leap. Acts 3:2-8

Are faith healers really performing miracles? Can not healings be prearranged and purposes twisted to suit the healer and not God?

The purpose for miracles in the New Testament has been fulfilled. The Word has been written and confirmed. The perfect has come. 1 Cor 13:8-12

Often, an answer to prayer feels like a miracle but these are not out of the natural realm of God's love.

I Know Some Things but...

Click here to take's Star Trek Quiz.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


There is an elderly man in the congregation who has been unable to attend services because of health problems. The church went to his house tonight. He has lost a lot of weight and looks close to death. His daughter cried as she sat next to him while another cuddled close.
Afterwards, my daughter asked if he was dying. I said yes. She said that was what she had heard and that was why we gathered around him.
There is a beautiful poetic scripture that says, "A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth. It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart." Ecclesiastes 7:2
I need to really ponder this message today, my birthday.

1Peter 1:24-25

"For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: but the word of the Lord endureth for ever."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

My major teen-age crush was on a "real" boy I nicknamed Chevy. My early journals are filled with descriptions of the clothes he wore and where I spotted him in school. I thought he looked like Tony DeFranco.

Sept 18,1974
"When we went into the cafeteria, I started looking around for Chevy. While we were walking to our usual place, I saw him. He was actually looking at me. Oh wow, you may think, but to me it was wonderful. We sat down. Laurie said he was watching me walk to the table. Wow, was I happy but I wasn't going to tell Laurie. My back was to him and I couldn't see him so Laurie told me when he was looking. Man was I happy. I felt like I was on cloud 9 but for some strange reason I wanted to leave..."

Friday, August 26, 2005

Friendly Friday

On Friendly Fridays, the Friends of the Friendless marching band gather to visit the Friendless, which are listed below.

Mompoet is the featured Friendless Blog this Friendly Friday.

I like that
  • Mompoet is a Mom and poet, well her blog name says it all.
  • she asks good questions.
  • she is a committed blogger, blogging since August 2004.
  • she says she is 43 and will be for another 3 years because she prefers prime numbers.
  • she thinks overbites are cute.
  • she is a fellow western Canadian.
I wish
• that Mompoet would put more of her poetry on her blog.

The only other friendless site this week is Yoooook'n, a Japanese blogger that has been blogging since April 2005. She has been getting a lot of spam and I am sure she would appreciate real visitors. She is new to English but is doing quite well. I wish she posted more.

Okay band members,take up your instruments. Let's march to these friendless sites, playing a friendly, encouraging tune.

Band Practise

Band members, remember the friendless and submit any interesting sites you find for next week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have been up since 5 am.
I drank warm milk to try to coax my body back to sleep, but my mind would not leave its wakefulness so I tried a relaxation technique but it too did not lure me back into unconsciousness.
So here I am, after a quiet hour on the computer, cozy and relaxed, enoying the sound of the rain outside.

Shhh, everyone else is still in bed.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Band Updates

  • Band members include so far: Carol the tuba player, Marti the clarinetist,True Jersey Girl the drummer, Zeb the guitarist, Raehan the accordionist, Kenju the pianist and Mompoet the featured kazooist.
  • Multiple instruments are an integral part of this band so don't feel you cannot join just because there is already an accordion player.
  • Note changes in band outline-Friends of the Friendless are encouraged to submit one friendless site a week. A Friendless site should be at least six months and be updated regularly. All the sites submitted will be posted on Friendly Fridays when band members are asked to visit the friendless and leave a comment telling them that a Friend of the Friendless has visited. In addition, one of these sites will be featured on that Friday.
  • The original post on the Friends of the Friendless band will be revised with each new update.
  • This band is an evolving idea so bear with the updates.
  • Remember to practise and
  • most of all, have fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Aaaak, I'm a friendless Friend of the Friendless...

but not to worry, I have an idea!!
And it's not too late to submit other friendless sites.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friendly Fridays

Inspired by Wednesday's blog, I have decided to start a Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.

Join the band by leaving a comment and stating the instrument of your choice. Multiple instruments are needed so don't be discouraged from joining just because your favorite instrument has already been chosen.

Friends of the Friendless band members are asked to find a friendless blog and submit them to me via a comment.I will visit these blogs and feature one of them on the following Friendless Friday. The other friendless sites submitted will also be listed that Friday.
A friendless site should have less than 5 comments a post(but mainly goose eggs) and/or if there is a site meter, less than 10 visitors a day. They should be over six months old and updated regularly.

Friend of the Friendless are asked to visit the posted friendless sites each week and leave an encouraging word. Tell them that you are a member of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Friends of the Friendless

If anyone is familiar with the 1950's sitcom, I Love Lucy, there is an episode where a marching, formerly friendless band discovers Lucy Ricardo crying and hiccupping on a park bench. They assume she is drunk and in need of friends.
It is a funny concept to me so I have played around with it, imagining myself as part of the Friends of the Friendless band, playing a tuba. I am given an opportunity to witness to a potential candidate on what the Friends of the Friendless has done for me.

"I was a person in despair, alone on a park bench just like you. Okay, I wasn't totally friendless and I wasn't exactly on a park bench but close enough, right? Anyways, this band came marching by and said if I needed a friend, I could play the tuba. I sat there looking at them, noticing that they were an odd bunch. I asked myself How badly do I want to play the tuba? I couldn't resist!
We're in need of a drummer, what do ya say?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


You wouldn't want to hear.

You have forgotten how different we are in the spirit.
The only time I talked about it
I sent lessons in the mail
but you wrote back. "It was good enough for my grandmother..."
I learned to keep quiet.
Decisions about life and faith are yours to make, of course
but still I feel this last time was the last opportunity
now it is too late
for I won't try another deathbed conversion.

I feel sickened
and cowardly.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sad News

I just found out that my Grandmother, whom we stayed with when we went on holidays, has cancer. I noticed that her color wasn't right but she didn't complain of any pain or discomfort. Her daughter took her to the doctor the day after we left.
I am feeling Grief for I probably won't be seeing her alive again but abundant Gratitude for the we got to spend together this summer. My sister said that it was God's timing.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Look at me-
blossoms draped
over the back of a scar

Will you run
to the beginning
or bypass it all?

Gurus abound
silver hair flowing
past tattooed spines

But-Who will listen
to the Christened ones
who cannot conceal their fall?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

In August 22, 1974, Mango, my sister, Rlynne, and I had a dream come true. We were able to attend a concert of our favorite teen idol, Tony DeFranco. The following is a epic account of a 70's teen idol experience.

"Mango and I spent the afternoon getting ready for the concert. Grandpa took us at 6:30...They opened the doors and everybody hurried in. We each got two (booklets)-The Secret of Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco's. We went to portal 14. There were two girls there. I asked them if they were fans...These guys came and told us to go to the bar or something. We went and sat down on these benches. Darla and Pam (the 2 girls) sat with us. They made a tiger for them...The lucky ducks got the first row. Our seats were in the 7th...The warm up act lasted 3/4's of an hour. Then there was a half an hour intermission.
This girl "Nancy" was talking to (us). She is one of those "followers". She kissed Tony. Learned or taught? from them some jazz steps. Had dinner with them. She also played tennis with Vince Van Patten. Met Andy and David (Williams), Jan Michael Vincent, Sonny and Cher, Raquel Welch, Michael Brandon, John Wayne, Simon Turner. But after you think about it, could it be the truth? She also said she was in Paris, Russia. Lives in California. I wonder.
Finally on they came. Hoo boyyy. They sang Abracadabra.... Mango and I were going crrrazy!
Tony said "You are just a great audience. Do you know? Do you want to hear more? No? Hit it!" Was that cute. At the end of "Sweet Sweet Loretta" they all threw their hats. Everybody screamed including me. Tony looked sorta sadly disgusted or in disbelief at all the screaming and grabbing for them.
Their dancing was terrific...They played "Save the Last Dance for Me".
"Hold Me" Oh yah, wouldn't I just love too...Boy they are all cute, wonderful. and so human. You know what I mean. Just like REAL people. Not snobby stuck-ups.
Oh yeah, Pam got asked up to the stage. Tony kissed her.Wow, was she lucky!! But it seemed as if it was Tony's job or duty to kiss her. Believe it or not I feel sorry for him. But of course, he's the luckiest guy around.
The last song was "Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat" They all said God Bless, Bye and blew kisses.
After it was finished everybody ran. We followed "Nancy" because I guess we thought she could lead us to them. But she didn't want us to. It was raining.I had to stop to put on my jacket so we lost "Nancy". Just as well. I doubt if she could help.
Everybody was at the stage door. We shouted "We want Tony!!" Keeping on and on. This lady came and told us they were gone. "Oh yeah, sure." We kept on. More people came.Soon somebody started to scream and we all thought Tony was coming but he wasn't so the chanting went on. Some girls and 1 guy inside were laughing at us. But kept on. Of course, it was still raining and everybody was getting soused. The manager or president or something came out. We kept on. He was getting mad. He told us they were gone. About 10 minutes ago. Somebody called him a liar and that made him even more mad...Finally Mango, Rlynne and I left to go and phone. We met Pam and Darla. Teased Pam. Boy was she happy. Played a trick on these other girls. Pretended we saw Tony and started screaming. Hahahaha...
I saw Mr. DeFranco. I whispered to Rlynne that it was their father...So everybody crowded around him. He asked if we liked his kid's performance. Oh yeah. Sure. Great....We all shook his hand and got his autograph. I think he was really happy about being so popular."

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Middle of the Story

I have been lamenting my timidity and quietness lately.

After watching an adventure movie this evening, I noted that one of the characters was fearful but overcame this trait to become the hero. My daughter said, "Of course Mom, the main character is always the one to change."

I realize that I am the main character in my life and I eagerly await the heroine's transformation."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Holiday Part Two

We rolled along through the prairies, my homeland with its subtle varietion of fields and vegetation. It is pleasant to drive with the sky for a covering.

We traveled one day with my Grandmother who is 89 years old. She repeated the story many times of when her daughter said that she was an antique now. Grandma shook her head, “Being 100 is an antique and I still have a way to go. Easy to say, but hard to live.”

We visited with her brother and his wife who are both in a nursing home. When they found out where we were going, they wanted us to pick up some Parnos sausage for them which could only be bought there. My great uncle repeatedly asked his wife how much sausage; she would say 3 and he would decide upon 4. After listening to this same routine several times, Grandma decided to get 4, for her brother's sake but when we arrived at the small town, there was a note on the Parnos Meat Market saying that they were closed because of the owners' health reasons. I felt disappointed as well, craving a taste I only imagined.

Then we went to the Indian reserve where my parents are buried. Grandma and I tended the grave. It really helped to be able to do something for them. The wild rosebushes on their plot were still thriving. These just appeared, we did not plant them. (I wondered if they were from the seeds of the flowers we tore off after my Mother’s burial to give to the people as they filed past us. I like the idea that this is the fruit of an impromptu display of gratitude to those that attended.) There was this huge plant right in the middle of the roses. I didn't know if it was a weed or a flower so I was going to leave it. It was ugly though, wilted from the heat. Finally Grandma and I both decided that it must go. My husband put on his work gloves and ripped it out from its roots. Now the view of the burial plot was beautiful again.

We stopped to visit my native relatives. I don't like just dropping in but it seems to be the laid back way of doing things there. I especially wanted to see my sculptor cousin. I have yet to catch him at home lately but his wife and children pulled up as we were talking to another cousin and she gave us a tour of his studio. I was so pleased to see his latest works. He is keeping busy as an artist. He is devoted to his craft and heritage. I admire that he is not hindered by the struggles.

As we were returning from our trip, there were a few showers and a beautiful rainbow afterwards.

Oh and we talked with my great uncle’s son the next day, telling him of the sausage and how disappointed his parents were. He told us that he had already told them that long ago.

“Easy to say, hard to live.”

Friday, August 05, 2005

The voice trains my ear
to block the punch
endure the breaks
and unsettle
the shouts and whispers from the crowd

Bleeding only
to win,
I hear him fighting and pursuing each victory as hard as I

go on
go on

The rounds end in collapse
my frame around my trainer's voice
You have done well

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Holiday Part One

We stayed at our first luxury hotel. We are normally tenters so this was a splurge for us. We were treated to designer soaps and shampoos, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and a monogrammed bathrobe.

The weekend was special because it is a privilige to witness the joining together of a man and woman. The bride glowed with excitement while the groom calmly enjoyed the day. My husband's touch during the prayer, blessed our own wedding memories.

It was our anniversary yesterday. Nineteen years ago, I was the bride, inspired by a husband's gaze.

This was my first luxury.