Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She needs a life

He laughed, I am told,
as he slipped in that phrase

It's true
I don't sea kayak or hike up mountains
I haven't worked overseas
or taken my children around the world

But my mind has travelled through storms
and lived
I have meditated, my back against a mountain
and seen it removed

Then there is a plan to journey around eternity
with my family some day


kenju said...

A vivid imagination is almost as good as the real thing, and in some cases, better!

Debbie said...

Did you write this? I find it very "satisfying" and I agree.

Superhero Bob said...


try looking at John 14:2 and see what you think.

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting!
Yes, I wrote this Debbie.
Ciera-John 14:2? Yes, I am awaiting that mansion.

kenju said...

I will be super busy tomorrow, so here is my submission:

Raehan said...

Carol, I tried to comment here yesterday but it must not have gone through. Oh well.

I'll be here Friday for friends of the friendless. I don't have a submission, but I will play along.

Carol said...

Thanks Kenju for your submission. I have already decided upon tomorrow's feature site but will include it next week.

Raehan, that is great. See you tomorrow!

utenzi said...

Kayaking is a lot of fun....

Carol said...

I would get a guy on a kayak reading this...