Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Miracles are defined in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary as "an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency."
According to Vine's, a Bible dictionary, miracles result from a power which performs "works of supernatural origin and character, such as could not be produced by natural agents and means." Also, "they are done as a sign of Divine Authority."

Jesus did miracles. Their purpose was to prove that He was the Son of God. In John 5:31-39, Jesus declares the witnesses to His divinity-His Father, John the Baptist and the works He performed (miracles). Acts 2:22 states that God showed his approval of Jesus by the miracles.

The apostles and those that received miraculous gifts through the laying on of the apostles' hands were able to perform miracles in the New Testament. The Bible didn't exist as we know it now. The Old Testament was intact but the New Testament was in the process of being written. The miracles confirmed to mankind that these were the Words of God. Mark 16:20 and Hebrews 2:3-4.

Are miracles being performed today? There are rumors of miracles but how many actual miracles have you witnessed and confirmed the authenticity of ?

Miracles cannot be explained medically or scientifically. They are instantaneous. Miracles are when a blind man suddenly sees. John 9:1-7 He isn't just a face in the crowd; people can verify his infirmity. John 9:8-9;19-20

Or when a woman hemorrhaging for twelve years suddenly stops bleeding. Matthew 9:20-22

Or a lame man is immediately able to walk and leap. Acts 3:2-8

Are faith healers really performing miracles? Can not healings be prearranged and purposes twisted to suit the healer and not God?

The purpose for miracles in the New Testament has been fulfilled. The Word has been written and confirmed. The perfect has come. 1 Cor 13:8-12

Often, an answer to prayer feels like a miracle but these are not out of the natural realm of God's love.


Superhero Bob said...

I see. You're a cessationist. You don't think that healings could happen today.

I know people who have been healed. Once woman has been healed of Cancer...no treatments, nothing, it just left. This is the same woman who later had a serious car accident - her husband was told that there was no hurry for him to get to the hospital and that IF she lived, she would never walk again. It had been determined that her back had been broken. She lived and is walking today. Her back was healed. I know another woman...she'd had a hysterectomy and her vagina ended up closing up - to the point where the doctor could not do an exam on her while she was awake. Before that scheduled procedure...she recieved prayer...and was healed...evidenced by the next exam. The doctor was so disgusted he ripped off his gloves and walked away [an odd response to your patient being healed.] I know of other real life miracles.

So you see - it's not myth to me. It is reality. I have experienced the miraculous myself. It happens everyday. Maybe not so much in America as in the rest of the world. Things that cannot be explained away by doctors and scientists. And I think the closer we get to the "end time", the more we are going to see the supernatural take precedent in everyday living.

And yeah, my beliefs are based on scripture. I woudn't be surprised if they were some of the same ones you base yours on.

Carol said...

Thanks Ciera for responding. I am glad for people who are healed of their infirmities. The body is capable of much even to the point of appearing to be a miracle.
I guess I am a cessationist, I have never heard the term before. I just want to do and be as the Scriptures teach. If I am wrong I would like to know how according to the Scriptures.

Superhero Bob said...

Sorry for using such a "Christianese" term....I just hollered at my brother for that. I'll see what I can find for you.

Carol said...

Ciera and I were discussing miracles. It is my belief that miracles are no longer a part of God’s plan for Christians today. The Biblical purpose of miracles was to confirm that the words spoken were of God. Today we have the Bible and thus, miracles are unnecessary. Luke 16:20

Ciera gave the verse John 14:12 as Biblical proof that miracles are a part of God’s continued plan.
“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

It might appear as if Jesus was talking to all Christians. However, I propose that Jesus was talking only to His Apostles after the Passover meal before He died.

The following examples show that Jesus’ Words were intended for His apostles:

In John 13:19, Jesus revealed His betrayer’s identity before the fact so that when it came to pass, the Apostles would believe He was the Christ.

In John 14:26-31, He promised to send His Apostles the Holy Spirit so that they would be able to recall all that He had taught them. He told them not to be troubled for He would be returning to them (after the resurrection). He told them these things so that when it happened they would believe in Him.

In John 16:2, He foretold that they, the Apostles, would be put out of the synagogues and killed for His name’s sake. The Jews of this time would think that they were doing the right thing.

In John 16:22, He again encouraged them not to be afraid for they would see Him again, which they did after His resurrection.

John 16:32-33, foretold of the apostles fleeing when Jesus was captured. Matthew 26:56

Jesus spoke specifically to the Apostles in these passages. He told them that they would be capable of great miracles if He returned to the Father. Jesus knew that they were about to go through a great test of faith and gave them these Words to hold on to after his crucifixion.

I hope these examples will help you consider that the words spoken in John 14:12 were to the Apostles and not to Christians today.

Ciera said...

Food for thought: then how is it that Apostles that weren't there, such as Paul, had miracles happen? And how is it that the Holy Spirit was poured out on all 120some people, men and women, present at Pentecost?

Carol said...

See I am waiting for ya!
Good questions, Ciera, which I will address but probably not until next week.

Superhero Bob said...

that's ok. we can always agree to disagree.

Carol said...

Thanks Ciera for your willingness to discuss a sensitive issue.

Yes, Paul, was an apostle too. Galatians 1:1 He was able to perform miracles.

Not only were the apostles able to perform miracles but they also had the ability to lay hands on other Christians and impart miraculous gifts of the Spirit to them. This is seen in Acts 8 where Philip, an evangelist preached to the people of Samaria and converted many to Christianity. However, it was not until Peter and John came to Samaria and lay hands on these new Christians that they received the Holy Spirit.

Cornelius and his household are an exception to this pattern. They were the first Gentiles to become Christians and God used the same miraculous outpouring as the apostles had, to show to the apostles that the Gentiles were to be allowed in. This was the proof that convinced them. Acts 10 (especially 44-48); Acts 11:1-18.

Any other instance where the miraculous gifts were imparted, it was through the hands of the apostles. Once the apostles were dead, the ability for these miraculous gifts to be imparted also ended.

I thank you Ciera for listening to a new teaching. I know you may not agree but I hope you will always keep your heart soft to God’s Word.
Either way, I hope you will continue to visit and perhaps we can discuss again other Biblical topics.

Carol said...

In response to Superhero (Ciera)'s comment "And how is it that the Holy Spirit was poured out on all 120 some people, men and women, present at Pentecost?"

I propose to you that the Holy Spirit was not given to all that were gathered at the upper room in Acts 1:14.

In Acts 2:1, Pentacost has arrived and "they" are gathered together. Who are they? We find further down in Acts 2:13-14, that these are the 12 apostles. It says that these men are mocked as being drunk but Peter stands up with the eleven and proceeds to tell the crowd of the gospel. Also, Acts 2:37, confirms this teaching.

Peter and the rest of the apostles were the men that were given the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentacost and not all the disciples , men and women, that were gathered in the upper room, prior to this feast day.