Friday, August 26, 2005

Friendly Friday

On Friendly Fridays, the Friends of the Friendless marching band gather to visit the Friendless, which are listed below.

Mompoet is the featured Friendless Blog this Friendly Friday.

I like that
  • Mompoet is a Mom and poet, well her blog name says it all.
  • she asks good questions.
  • she is a committed blogger, blogging since August 2004.
  • she says she is 43 and will be for another 3 years because she prefers prime numbers.
  • she thinks overbites are cute.
  • she is a fellow western Canadian.
I wish
• that Mompoet would put more of her poetry on her blog.

The only other friendless site this week is Yoooook'n, a Japanese blogger that has been blogging since April 2005. She has been getting a lot of spam and I am sure she would appreciate real visitors. She is new to English but is doing quite well. I wish she posted more.

Okay band members,take up your instruments. Let's march to these friendless sites, playing a friendly, encouraging tune.


Star said...

What a great idea. I will visit both. I have been to Japan so I am especially looking forward to visiting that site. Here via Michele.

Marti said...

Hi Carol...I'm glad to know that our band is growing. My sis - played the trumpet and bass drum....I'm going to invite her to join our band and be a friend of the friendless.

Have a great weekend!

k8 said...

ha! that is funny. can i be a majorette?

Carol said...

Yes,invite her. It would be unique to have someone that can play both, at the same time, I hope!

I was hoping for a majorette!

Trinity13 said...

I'll try to go visit them!

Btw, Michele sent me!!!

mommy d said...

You are so sweet. Here via Michele

Mango said...

Okay, sign me up. I`ll be a flag bearer. It will be fun searching. March on!

Carol said...

Yay, Mango!!

Carol said...

Welcome Trinity13 and Mommy D,
Have you ever wanted to play an instrument or twirl a baton?

Pearl said...

I like MomPoet. I hestitate to take you up on your offer to play handdrums since I'm not sure I can show up, let alone on time for every "band practice". How about I nominate It's Peru Baby

Carol said...

Hi Pearl,
I appreciate your conscientiousness but I would really like to have you in the band. It is okay if you can't make every Friday or practise,if you have a good reason:)
You nominate through the comment section, which you have already done.
Come on, Pearl, you have natural talent!

Pearl said...

Here's another nomination:

Carol said...

Like I said, "You're a natural."
Thanks Pearl.

Mango said...

Here`s my submission for Friday.