Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have been up since 5 am.
I drank warm milk to try to coax my body back to sleep, but my mind would not leave its wakefulness so I tried a relaxation technique but it too did not lure me back into unconsciousness.
So here I am, after a quiet hour on the computer, cozy and relaxed, enoying the sound of the rain outside.

Shhh, everyone else is still in bed.


Maggie Ann said...

You found the secret I see of enjoying that still and quiet time to yourself. Hope your body wasn't crying out for more sleep while your mind 'turned itself on'. Haven't we all been both places!

Pearl said...

:-) Glad you're appreciating your body's early wake up call. So much better than thrashing to stay between dreams and awake.

Anonymous said...

I have uploaded Richard Abel playing a Francis Lai composition. If you would, please see if there is still a problem with your player.

I would be more than happy to upload some soothing "duck squeezer" music for you, if you should wish.


Carol said...

I asked...
duck squeezer music is a personal reference to new age music.

Nice to meet you Maggie Ann!

Pearl :-)

Raehan said...

Did you get a nap the next day? I hope.

Carol said...

No,I was pretty overtired that night but still did not want to go to sleep.