Sunday, August 14, 2005


Look at me-
blossoms draped
over the back of a scar

Will you run
to the beginning
or bypass it all?

Gurus abound
silver hair flowing
past tattooed spines

But-Who will listen
to the Christened ones
who cannot conceal their fall?

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Superhero Bob said...

Hi Carol! thanks for your encouragement. I'm not sure what I said where on your blog, I've tried looking but can't find it.

As for my short story, try clicking on and let me know if that works. I'd read it first before letting a pre-teen read it as it deals with a serious case of child abuse and how that woman recovered from it [quite well because of her faith]. It's actually a boring little character piece, long on talk and short on action. I've never been very good at "action" scenes...though I do try once in a while!