Monday, August 22, 2005

Band Updates

  • Band members include so far: Carol the tuba player, Marti the clarinetist,True Jersey Girl the drummer, Zeb the guitarist, Raehan the accordionist, Kenju the pianist and Mompoet the featured kazooist.
  • Multiple instruments are an integral part of this band so don't feel you cannot join just because there is already an accordion player.
  • Note changes in band outline-Friends of the Friendless are encouraged to submit one friendless site a week. A Friendless site should be at least six months and be updated regularly. All the sites submitted will be posted on Friendly Fridays when band members are asked to visit the friendless and leave a comment telling them that a Friend of the Friendless has visited. In addition, one of these sites will be featured on that Friday.
  • The original post on the Friends of the Friendless band will be revised with each new update.
  • This band is an evolving idea so bear with the updates.
  • Remember to practise and
  • most of all, have fun!


kenju said...

I want to play piano!

Carol said...

Welcome Kenju,
You can use the grand. Did you read the earlier posts about the band?

zeb said...

Shouldn't the band have a song list. Maybe all the members could suggest a song they think the band should play

Cat said...

Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for coming by the swamp! :)

Take care!
I like to sing! (to radio while driving down highway!)

Carol said...

Thanks Zeb,
I will keep your suggestion in mind.

Hi Cat,
Can I sign you up as choral member?

I have been envisioning a marching band...

mompoet said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for your invitation. I would like to play the kazoo.


Carol said...

Alright Mompoet!