Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pretty Women: Chapter 3.1

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Pretty Women Chapter 3.1

Jolene tripped over the newspaper that was thrown on their front step. She muttered to herself as she threw the crumpled pages into the house and hurriedly slammed the door so as not to miss the schoolbus.
Suddenly, she stopped. "Glynnis Charleswood Murdered?" The blaring headline and familiar picture from the seminar pamphlet slapped Jolene and she fumbled to re-open the locked door. "What?"

Jolene was in a daze throughout all of her classes with thoughts of the once shimmering Glynnis.

Glynnis, in her cabriolet, sidelining Jolene on her skateboard. Shouting but radiant as she stood over the bruised body.
Glynnis speaking her affirmations to hundreds of transfixed, pretty women seated in a row.
Glynnis falling from the stage after Jolene’s surprise appearance.
Glynnis, limping from the auditorium.
Glynnis dying from a gunshot to her head.

Bewildered by these memories, Jolene caught the bus home but wandered over to Marie's basement salon. She needed to talk.


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I'm enjoying this Carol.