Monday, January 09, 2006

Carol's Book Blog

Originally, I had planned to keep a running commentary on whatever book I was reading. Then I discovered all the other blogs out there and didn't want to limit myself. I decided to go one day at a time and write whatever suited me. Each day reflects a different aspect of myself.

Today though,

I am reading a book by Dostoyevsky called "The Idiot." I have not read any novel by him before, although Russian masters such as Tolstoy amaze me.
I am reading about a man who others think of as an idiot. He is an epileptic, wounded so that he is thought of as strange and slow.

He speaks of substance.
He speaks well.
I see no evidence.

He only
thinks what others don't think of
and sees things that others don't see.


Fred said...

Sounds like a book many should read. There's an important lesson to be learned.

Carol said...

Hi Fred,
I recommend it and I'm only in the 8th chapter.
I find that there is nothing like reading a novel written by a master.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh Carol, you need more tv time! :)

Barbara said...

Why are you reading instead of blogging?

Carol said...

Hi J. Andrew,
So appropriate. Watch for the next post!

Barbara, You almost got me LOL.