Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Blog is Best at...

Hey, I made up this quiz!!!

Try it.

Every blog is best at something...

1. It is the day of the Federal Election. You blog about...

A the hair styles of the candidates.
B the pros and cons to each candidate's platform. Encourage people to vote.
C hand make cut-outs of each leader along with their formal and casual attire
D copy the hand made cut outs of the leaders but post them as shreddies.

2.You witness a robbery so you blog about...

A what the worst criminals wear.
B nothing. You don't want to speak before the investigation is done.
C a fictional account of the robbers' and victims' day preceding the robbery,
D the secret videotapes of in-court precedings that you took with your cell phone.

3. Your a Mommy Blogger but one day...

A your daughter refuses to wear the outfit you chose for her. You write about your devastation.
B you take a day to write only about you.
C you decide to write as if your child had the keyboard.
D you run away from home and blog about it from far-off destinations.

4.You get a negative but well written comment about your kitty...

A you delete the negative comment as they don't look good.
B you reply in a positive but stricken way.
C your kitty replies the next day about the effect the comment had on him.
D you and your kitty track the sucka down.

5.You have nothing to blog about so...

A you post pictures of your lips wearing your favorite shades of lipsticks.
B you visit other blogs and leave comments on theirs.
C you finish editing your music video and post it for all to see.
D you steal the ideas of other blogs, especially those from the nice bloggers. They never complain.

I'm afraid there was a program I was using, but it wasn't working so we will have to do this the old pen and paper way.

If you had mostly:

A's then you are the most Superficial Blogger out there but many like attractiveness.

B's are the Nicest Bloggers. You have a lot of friends. Remember to be nice to yourself too!

C's are the most Original Bloggers. You might be lonely for awhile until discovered. Or better yet, go and mingle.

D's are the most Popular Bloggers, the blogger that people love to hate!


sister celtic said...

hey carol check out the activity i have featured on my blog.. round up the ffmb and all to participate and post...thanks

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

is there a place for "E"?

Raehan said...

I was between Bs and Es.

Carol said...

Sister Celtic,
Great site. I am scanning the portrait now!

J. Andrew and Raehan,
What would an E be? (Raehan, I knew you were a B all the time)

colleen said...

That was fun...I got 1.B, 2.C, 3.C, 4.C, 5. B

Carol said...

What a nice combo!

Mango Lane said...

I know I don`t have a blog but I did the quiz anyway. You`ll be interested to know that I am between being an original and a dilletante (3 Cs, 2 As).

Carol said...

Good for you, Mango!

mompoet said...

Great quiz Carol! I'm all over the map today. In what category(ies) would you find your own blog?

Carol said...

Good question,Mompoet.
I scored

I am one of the nicest bloggers with a tad of superficiality and originality.