Friday, January 27, 2006

Friendly Friday Pre-empted by Olympics


Instead of our regular Friendly Friday march, there will be a Saturday version honoring the bronze medal winners of the Blog Olympics. It will be an all night celebration and the FFMB (Friends of the Friendless Marching Band for those not in the know) will be assisting in honoring these Olympians. All Olympians invited! Supper will be served. Due to other obligations, the reception will be a late event starting at 8 pm my time on Saturday Jan. 28. (Check out the clock in the sidebar) Media will be present. The party will be a non-alcoholic event. The only addictive activity permitted will be blogging.

Mompoet, the kazooist in the band, is going to write a special Friends of the Friendless poem for our Feb 3 march but she needs OUR help. Go to her site to give her a hand!

Anyone wishing to join our happy (and friendly) band is asked to leave a comment stating they wish to join and choosing which instrument they wish to play.

I continue to need more nominations for our Friendly Friday visits. Remember, these sites need to fit the requirements of having 0-5 comments and/or less than 10 visitors a day.

Banners are available for everyone. Help yourself.


brother terry said...


I would like to play the French Horn in the band.


mar said...

I'd love to come to the party! I would like to play the drums...!
I am a bronze medal winner myself! (1st round)

Carol said...

I am joining you to the band. Have fun!

David said...

help me carol they have apicture of me in jail at lazy daisies ! they wont let me have my bassoon or my bible!

Fred said...

Can I run the concession stands? I tend to get hungry during these events.

sister celtic said...

carol it is in everyones best interests to keep booger-loaf in jail... i'll make sure he has his bible sending one over right i am a reverand so i'll
preach the parable of the pumpkins to him..he may get it..ya never know..can't wait for the party to start..thanks for invited everyone your the hostess with the mostess..

Lazy Daisy said...

Carol, so this party is for all Olympians? I thought it was for broze medal winners with fewest comments...I'm confused. Go vote for he innocent or guilty only his fellow Olympians can vote.

Carol said...

Oh David, not again...

Supper is included and it's on us. You're welcome!

Sr. Celtic,
You're a reverand?

Lazy Daisy,
The party is FFMB's opportunity to honor the bronze medalists for the comment event. All Olympians and friends are invited!

Now, excuse me while I get the last minute preparations done for the reception.

David said...

i dont know how to do banners, will you help me carol ?

Carol said...

I'm busy right now, David.