Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hey I Made A New Quiz!

Just How Competitive Are You?

Barbara, the flutist for the FFMB, is having an Blog Olympiad Jan 22-27,2006. Anyone is welcome to participate but perhaps take this quiz first.

  1. I like to laugh ...

  2. as much as possible.

    the loudest.

    to myself.

  3. Housework...

  4. is left to a cleaning company. I'm too busy to care but the place has to look as if I do.

    is a neverending battle.

    is divided up between all the family members then no one can complain.

  5. I like to read...

  6. because I enjoy it and like to continually learn about new people and places.

    the cereal box.

    only if there is a test afterward.

  7. At work...

  8. I am only a hub on the wheel.

    What can I say? I am the big wheel!

    yep, I am the nut at the wheel.

  9. If life were a bowl of cherries...

  10. my face would be red!

    where is that pit remover when you need it?

    I would buy in bulk and sell to the highest bidder.

  11. My pet is...

  12. miserable but came with the house.

    cuddly and well behaved.

    a beautiful, award winning purebreed.

  13. I exercise...

  14. at a gym where I can keep track of how far ahead I am of others.

    for myself.


  15. If I went for a balloon ride, I would...

  16. never get off the ground.

    be setting a world record for how high I could fly and how long I could fly it!!

    enjoy the view, man. Who cares what the guy above or below are doing!

  17. My vaction is crammed full with...

  18. doing the mostest with the coolest in the hottest locale.

    nothing but reading and relaxing. I don't need to travel far to have a good time.

    adventure, family and fun.

  19. A Blog Olympiad is...

  20. an excuse to leave town.

    the time to show others what I can do! Eat my dust, Barbara!

    a fun motivator which will last all week.

10-15 You are laid back but sometimes this leads to a lack of motivational skills that are necessary to improve yourself. Give yourself reasons to try and don't give up.

16-24 You are a well balanced individual who knows when to push and when to relax.

25-30 You are very competitive which motivates you to excel at almost everything you do. Learn that it is okay for someone else to win every once in awhile.


sister celtic said...


sister celtic said...

you know what i meant balanced..

Carol said...

Sister Celtic,
Yeah, I knew what you meant...Tomorrow is the big unveiling.

Barbara said...

Carol - I got a 20.

I'm still laughing over that eat my dust comment.

Glad your viewing the Olympics as a fun event.

Thank you so much for letting people know about the Olympics!

Mango Lane said...

I got 15. Usually quiz results are not exactly accurate but this one is spot on. Hmmm....

DwayneinBonanza said...

I got a 22 is that bad or whatever:)

Carol said...

Thanks for taking the quiz, everybody. They are fun to make.

Dwayne, That is a good result, well-balanced.

Lish said...

I was 19. I wouldn't even attempt to compete in a blog battle.

Carol said...

I did some Battles of the Blogs on Blog Explosion and it was difficult, for sure. Some people get addicted to the battles. If I was winning, I might not have wanted to stop too.
Better to be in the middle.