Monday, October 17, 2005

Friendly Friday Banner

I have a surprise for all the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band members, past featured friendless sites and all other interested friendly people-a banner to proudly display on your blog! I couldn't wait until Friendly Friday to share it with you.

Thanks to my middle daughter who is gaining in HTML knowledge every day!

You can place this banner on your blog template but it is best to first save your original blog template (copy and paste your template onto a word processing program and save on your computer)
Then right click over the above html code and "Select All". When the code is highlighted, copy, then go to your template and paste it into your blog html. Place it under the Powered by Blogger button under the----powered by---> code.
Preview this to see if it is where you want it to be. If it is not, then clear edits and start over again. If you like it, then "Save Template Changes" and republish your blog.
It is easier than it sounds but make sure to save your original html code.


Erin said...

I can't see it :(

Got your email. Will scan my 'photo' in tonight or tomorrow. I'm purple with long hair going all over the place (quiet appropriate actually!)

Carol said...

Thanks for pointing out that there was a problem with the banner image. It should be working now!
I'll keep an eye out for your pic. That's great.

Jennifer said...

Your middle daughter is so talented! You can see your banner on my page! :)

sister celtic said...

where do i get my banner..thanks