Friday, October 28, 2005

Friendly Friday

Hello Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.

Today, we are going to have another "Get Aquainted" game. Below are listed all the band members and across from the names are the instruments. Match the member to their instrument and leave your answers in the comment section. The first to get most of them correct will be featured at the end of this Friendly Friday with "what I like about their blog" and a link to their site.

You don't have to be a band member to play but feel free to sign up for the FFMB if you wish by choosing an instrument.

Mango--------------------- tuba player
Marti----------------------- accordionist
Kenju----------------------- kazooist
Stephen--------------------- pianist
Zeb-------------------------- drummer
K8--------------------------- flutist
Raehan--------------------- another drummer
Pearl------------------------ clarinetist
Barbara--------------------- guitarist
True Jersey Girl------------ Korean drums

The following are links which will help you answer the above questions. Go here, here and finally here.
Remember, I will be checking at the end of the day to see who the lucky blogger is!

At the end of the day-
Hey FFMB, I guess I stumped the lot of you!

So I will tell you what I like about my blog:
  • it is like a variety show ie. will the post be silly, poetic, religious, anxious, what?
  • the sideblog of reviews and "current reads"
  • the "Pretty Women" short story and not because of all the hits the name generates
  • the weird orange color
  • you gotta admit, Carol is a friendly and persevering conductor for the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.
See ya next week and remember, I always need more friendless submissions.
To get the FFMB banner, look here.


Paul Sveda said...

Thats great, I wanna be the guy with the pots and the pans setup,... the white noise guy, the slacker of the band, the mysterious guy who you never understand, but not in the keith richards type of cracked out my hand I can't understand you stuff.. just weird.. I probably am. Anyways, here via Micheles, have a great weekend.



Carol said...

Well, that was weird, the band picture just got zapped. I wonder if it was that mysterious guy?

zeb said...

Who is this guy?
Why does he miss all the practices?
I don't understand him.

Barbara said...

Carol------------------------tuba player/conductor
Mango--------------------- flag bearer
Marti----------------------- clarinetist
Kenju----------------------- pianist
Stephen--------------------- baritone
Zeb-------------------------- guitarist
K8--------------------------- majorette
Raehan--------------------- accordianest
Pearl------------------------ Korean drums
Barbara--------------------- fkutist
True Jersey Girl------------ drummer

Carol said...

Congratulations, Barbara,
You are the winner of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band Matching Game.

Barbara said...

Thank you very much Carol! I love the fabulous prizes too!