Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Overcoming Anxiety

Don't Panic: Taking Control of
(If I had a little red faced icon, it would go here) Anxiety Attacks-
R. Reid Wilson

Eight Attitudes Required (oh, great)

Attitude #1 "I am not ashamed"
So I am going public and declaring myself unstable, anxiously speaking. There, I have disclared it, anonymously to bloggers, but still it is done. Be gone, you dastardly little red faced emoticon, you.

Attitude#2 "What can I learn as a student of panic?
Well, there is always something to be gained by adversity. I would rather not, really, but... if I must, then...sigh, I must. Let the lessons begin,oh Grand Master Panic.

Attitude #3 "I want to face the symptoms to gain skills."
Whoa, this attitude is pushing it! I do not like feeling that I won't be able to breathe or that I am going to faint. I don't like the rush of adrenaline and fear.
Oh, you didn't say that I had to like it!

Attitude #4 "Its okay to be anxious here."
Sure, it is okay to anxious here but what about there? I guess you're talking about the here and now concept.

Attitude #5 "I won't guard myself against anxiety."
You mean, not fight?
Well, I do like the idea of not worrying about what I will happen in the next 30 seconds. Living and only dealing with the present could definitely help. Okay, I'll lay down the shield but only for 30 seconds.

Attitude #6 "This is practise."
This means I can't fail, right?

Attitude #7 "I can tolerate uncertainty."
Yes, yes, but what is #8?

Attitude #8 "It's OK if it doesn't work."
Easy for you to say, you already got your money!


Lauren said...

Very helpful. I've been dealing with anxiety myself these past few years. This week was the week I finally did something about it. :) Stay strong.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad not to have to deal with anxiety and panic anymore. When I took Effexor, I thought I was about to jump out of my skin at any given moment. I feel for you, friend! Blech!

Carol said...

So what did you do?

It is good to have someone who understands around, thanks.