Saturday, October 01, 2005

Excerpts from a Life

December 9, 1974
In typing, Bob T. usually says or asks me something. I don't like him or anything but-
Guess what? I lost another 5 lbs. That makes a grand total of 170 lbs. Haha. I'm determined so everybody better watch out! Can I do it? You bet!!

December 10, 1974
Saw Chevy while getting books out for science. Also saw him after science. He wore his tannish sweater.
Glen S. started talking to me in typing about horses. It may not really sound like much but I never really talk to boys...

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Carmi said...

Hi Carol. I'm back from Michele's.

I love reading my words from long ago. I see glimpses of the person I would eventually become.

It's like a time capsule. Fascinating and poignant.