Saturday, October 08, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

October 25, 1974
Mango could have gone to her school dance but she didn't. She came over instead. And man what a ball we had!
No one was at home so we moved the record player to the living room. Then we sang individually to DeFranco records and had impromptu choreography. We critiqued one another. Mango is doing good.
For one of her comments of me, she said that I was really good and should be a choreographer. That made me feel really good.
It was lots of fun plus it is exercise. I think I lost a few pounds from it (at least one)
Then we (cassette)taped our Peace-In Show. Its really good! Honestly.
I had so much fun tonight. I'm glad Mango didn't go to the dance. She's my best friend but I can never tell Laurie that...


Marisa said...

Hi Carol. Michele sent me. Your blog is very interesting. Here for the 1st time.

Barbara said...

Hi Carol. You have such a positive, uplifting blog. I hope great things come your way.