Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Overcoming Anxiety

Physical Tools In my Battle against Anxiety:

I have been doing a Yoga for Absolute Beginner's DVD before breakfast whenever possible. Yoga is a wonderful relaxation tool plus there are supposed to be other physical benefits as well. Although I have done yoga intermittently before, I am still a beginner.

I have been exercising for many years, but not only for the physical benefits: it helps the mind as well. I haven't been exercising since this stronger battle with anxiety began about a month ago. I usually do aerobics with a video, ride my exercise bike or go for a walk.

Then at the end of the day, I've been meditating, which I have done before as well. I usually sit in the cross-legged position 20 minutes while focusing upon the tingling in my hands. This position is uncomfortable and I probably won't be using it all the time. However, I think one of the purposes of meditation is to be able to concentrate so fully that the discomfort doesn't distract. I don't want the uncomfortableness to be a deterrent to the practise though.

I am trying to find a routine that fits all these methods into my day, trying to achieve flexibility with effectiveness.

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