Saturday, October 15, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

October 29, 1974
I realize that my Chevy sightings are quite boring but I like him so I want to write down every time I see him. You know?

October 30, 1974
I'm still on diet!

November 1,1974
That Brick and Bella really bug me. I told Bella that I wished he grew up to be a fat, old man. Ha, ha on him!

November 5, 1974
I saw Chevy before science. He was standing with Brick and Bella. Brick started mimicking the way I was walking. Luckily, Chevy wasn't watching. But?


kenju said...

Who were Brick and Bella?

Michele sent me.

Carol said...

Brick and Bella are new characters introduced briefly for this excerpt. They figured during the junior and senior years as nemesis for the heroine.

Chatty said...

Real entries or part of a story I entered midway?

Michele sent me.

Carol said...

Journals from 1974

g8s said...

Hi, Michele sent me. Isn't it interesting to look back on a past version of yourself? I mean, the things you recognize, and the things you forget. Thanks for this glimpse into the past. And also, I have to say that while I generally don't go for the whole 'meme' thing which seems to be so popular, I did enjoy yours of 10/12.

Carol said...

Hi G8,
I am enjoying letting people in on my journals.(well,the edited version)
Those questions are great and I got them from Dani_elle, who was a previous featured friendless site.

mar said...

Great idea! it is fun. Have a nice sunday. Michele sent me.

ribbiticus said...

interesting concept/ enjoy the rest of your weekend. here via michele today. :)

Carol said...

Thanks Mar and Ribbiticus for dropping
by. See you at Michele's.

chungchung said...

Have a great week ahead!

Carol said...

Thanks Chungchung.