Saturday, October 22, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

Join me every Saturday as I read from my old journals. I currently am remembering a lengthy teenage crush I had on a fellow student who I nicknamed Chevy. In today's account, I am talking to a new friend, Debbie, who had been in grade 9 with my secret love.

November 5, 1974
"In the afternoon, in the school library, Laurie and I asked Debbie if she knew of anybody by the nickname of Chevy. She said no. She sat thinking for awhile and then said Chevowsky. I walked out of the library in embarrassment. I didn't think she'd guess right.
I went back to the library and Laurie said that Debbie had said, "That creep!"
I kept on bugging Debbie not to tell anybody. She said she wouldn't. I asked her if Chevy was nice. She said,"I guess so" but she couldn't remember what he exactly looked like..."


Lynda said...

I was in 9th grade in 1974, so this sounds very familiar....

Oh, and Michele sent me. And that's a good thing!

Yaeli said...

Libraries seem to be very popular places for teenage girls to talk about crushes. It used to be where I talked with my friends about my crushes too!

Michele sent me.

mar said...

Oh, those days. Great thing you have your journals, I don't anymore. In fact I got rid of them my senior year, I was afraid my brother (2 years younger) would find them. He did once and caught him reading, I was angry, embarrassed, it was a very bad day!
Michele sent me.