Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Random Acts of Poetry-Oct 3-9,2005

Feel like getting into poetry, now is the week.
If you are feeling spontaneously inspired, I would really love to get poemed. Leave me one in the comment section.


zeb said...

My magnum always shoots the truth.
The funeral glorifys the youth
You wrote and starred in this life
Were you snubbed at the oscars or was the plot crucified in vain

zeb said...


Carol said...

That's scary, Zeb.

Pearl said...

a bit long, still a bit unrefined but it is a *random* act, and on this aunt's BD, so here you go --

feel the almost peach fuzz abrasion
of long yellow beans?
Let the genie crisp pop snap
us to the knee of my aunt
when I was in pigtails
and overalls, knees mud-plastered
from adventures with frogs

She and I shelled peas,
cleaned yellow beans
sorted pinto beans in the
grey dirt floor shed.
Sense the dimness?
Sniff the old woodchip
stacked cordwood
along one wall

hear that scampering
flittering scattering
scratches of beetles,
deermice and kittens
peeking out, rushing through,

feel the cool of the
galvanized steel speckled bushel
tested for weight,

let's shake everything down
denser, one on another,
heavier than arms from carrying
heavier than her knowing that this time
will never return to hand
only mind

"mind your work
the day will still be there
when you're through"
wanting to follow drainage ditches
nap, lulled pretending to be the log
mesmerized by the scrollwork
bored into the logside under bark
marvel at how sun heats the blue
straps differently than the white cotton
turtleneck, feel the shinyness of clasps
and how the colors are so much more
primary than crayons or the play furniture

but soon this all anticipation
tumbles into the rubber buckets
plunks, succumbs to the music
of rhythm of peas shelled,
the unity and togetherness
of being at my aunt's knee.

Carol said...

Oh that is beautiful, Pearl and a fitting birthday tribute to your aunt.

Thank you so much for participating in this poetic event.

la la la I can't hear you said...

Random Poem from Connan O Brien Show

steak in the face
isn't america a great place?

you perform a dance number
that is you.

i listened to my heart.

Carol said...

Wow, thanks Lisa. I am not sure I grasp the deep meaning but I am ever so glad to be poemed!