Friday, December 23, 2005

Friendly Friday

I am thinking whoever makes it to band tonight has to make alot of noise. Our numbers might be low with all the festivities going on. I thought we could meet back here for hot chocolate and fries.

Come on, smile Mango! Wait until its -30 C.

The featured friendless site this Friendly Friday is Rachel, Nichelle and Alizinha's All Cupcakes, All the Time. I like the cupcakes because:
  • they look so yummy!
  • I like the cupcake video.
  • of all the cupcake links.
  • I just felt like looking at pictures tonight.
  • but how about more recipes for those that like to do more than just look?
  • or could you just bring some for tonight's gathering?

Ella's owner writes No Friends, Just My Dog. She says she won't be writing much because she has a new job. Pity!

Meet Dave of A Bit of This, A Bit of That. He is a scientific intellectual. I did the same quiz and got the same results. In a couple of posts, he gives his view on creationism which is different than this scientific intellectual's. Check him out!

Get your banners here and remember to submit those friendless blogs.
Get marching folks and we'll meet back here, 'kay?


Barbara said...

I finished the parade route too! Loved the cupcakes, got insight into a young woman starting her adult life and found a funny, thoughtful blog. I also found out that I am a scientific intellectual.

Nice route this week Carol.

Thanks for the hot chocalate and fries. I brought some cupcakes along.

Dave said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the link to my humble little blog, it's appreciated. I will link you in return and may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

sister celtic said...


Emily said...

Tamborine is jingling with fellow bloggers singing. Merry Christmas, Seasons greetings and Happy of Happiest Holidays! Peace to all...

: )

Carol said...

Wow, you guys really are friendly. I am feeling pretty proud!

Sister Celtic,
Wine and fries? Come on besides this is a non-alcoholic blog, y'know...

Glad to have you visit and for the link, too. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Lish said...

I'm on dial-up at my mom's, but I'm here with my piccolo.

Dave said...

Love to join the band, I'll take the double bass if that's not already being used?

Carol said...

Lish, I heard you playing. You sound great.

Dave, you are in. Yeah, we have a double bass!!

zeb said...

Is a double base two bases like a double neck guitar?

David said...


Carol said...

Hi Zeb,
I don't know, someone better ask him!

In full gear too-excellent.
Have you got snow there for snowballs to keep the troupe in line?