Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hey, I've Been Smacked!!

There is a blog called "Talk Too Much (if you don't like oh well)" that reviews other blogs mercilessly. I didn't ask for a review because I am so sensitive (sob) but somehow they found me and gave me 2 smacks. That is what they do when they don't like your blog. At least I didn't get 5 smacks!

For those courageous, you can submit your blog for review.

I stand corrected. A smack is a good thing. 5 smacks are the best! I noticed there were even some reviews with negative smacks.

I have been upgraded to 3 smacks because I am nice!


Anonymous said...

You are supposed to get smacks. The lesser the smacks the more your blog stinks. You got a two out of five. Five is the best.

Carol said...


Juggling Mother said...

two is good.

zero is bad:-)

here from micheles

Aginoth said...

OK i've submitted myself for a spanking :o)

Ms. Chatty said...

If you didn't submit yourself then someone took it upon themselves to turn you in because I'm looking at the email right now.
I apologize.

Carol said...

That's okay Ms. Chatty. I have survived!

All the best to you Mrs. Aginoth!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the un-requested review. I am harsh because people invite it. If you didn't, I can only apologise.

The British Bitch.

Carol said...

No problem!

A mystery!

Erin said...

LOL! I've seen this sight. I am sooo not brave enough to submit myself, and I can stand some pretty mean 'stuff'. Congrats on the 3 smacks! Thats great!

Carol said...

Your comment is appreciated:)

Rhiannon said...

Hey Carol it looks like you got some "little Devil" trying to get you into trouble! don't deserve to be smacked in any there!..:o) held your head up high with dignity through it all though..go girl!

Have a good week...


ry said...

i agree with erin!

Carol said...

Thanks Rhiannon and Ry. It is really funny the way it turned out with the girls apologizing and all.
The band got a lot of publicity. There were a lot of visitors because of that.