Thursday, December 15, 2005

Housework on the Left or Right Side of the Brain?

Normally, I am a scheduler. My To Do list is arranged into daily, weekly, monthly and annual chores. I write down the incoming chores as they arise and try to fit them into the day. This does not necessarily mean that all gets done but it is listed regardless and I do my best. Except sometimes it gets too boring and rigid so I rebel against myself.

Then I toss the organizing notebook aside and wing it haphazardly but I have missed appointments doing it this way and forgotten to sign forms for school etc.

This has been an ongoing search for me-to find the ultimate To Do/Planning/Schedule System.
I really think there is a balance between these two extremes that would solve my dilemma.

Does anybody have any ideas to help me on this quest?


David said...

thank you carol
looking forward to the parade route - se you n the am, perhaps 0630?

Carol said...

Can't promise the time.I'm still up at 1 am.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi Carol...
I left a person that I think needs the Friendly Band on last weeks post for Friday...
But I can leave it here, too. His name is DAVE, and he lives in the UK....He is really witty, and funny and very bright and nice, too (read a bit more in last Friday's comments..including his URL, which I will leave here, too)
Dave's URL:

He deserves a really nice readership and not very many people leave comments, and many times, NONE!

Carol said...

I see him now and will include him in next week's Friendly Friday.

Erin said...

Alright ... I'm here!

My suggestion for organization:

Love her. Awesome ideas. Totally free (of course there are products you can purchase, but you absolutely do not have to). And it's great for beginners.

I have fallen away from FlyLady in the past several months, but one of my new year resolutions is to follow her a bit more closely!

Hope this helps!! :)

Rhiannon said...

Carol, well I don't really have any answers. Its so hard for me to keep up it gets so overwhelming sometimes I feel like there needs to be about 4 or 5 of me to get it all done!..:o(..but when I find myself making "list of list" thats when I just know I'm pooped and I just have to "stop"! Its taken some work (pardon the pun)trying to take away my guilt, but none of us can do it all and anyone who thinks they can I say they are lying!..he he. So I just stop and do my "going within" taking a walk, looking at nature, trees, clouds, houses I walk, writing laying on floor with a pillow for my head being peaceful, taking deep breaths in and out,reducing all that stress and saying "its okay to do this I deserve it"..I know its hard with a family but still we all have to have some "down time". It really refreshs me and then afterwards my brain (right side dominant:o)) functions much much better. So be good to yourself pat yourself on the back (you deserve it)and if you can take a break go for it, even if its just for 10-20 minutes whatever you can do...then afterwards you will organize much better, be a bit more refreshed. When I get overwhelmed and over stressed I tend to panic more also..par for the course. Not sure if this helped in any way but just sharing with you what seems to work for me. If I don't do it I just fall apart, no one is perfect. Christmas is about love and peace too...but its also hard for people, all that "pressure" and stress we put ourselves under. I've learned to just appreciate all the little things they mean so much to me..

With Angel Blessings,

Carol said...

Thanks Erin and Rhiannon. It helps to talk about it and get other ideas.