Monday, December 19, 2005

The Practise


Time to meditate

She was in a care facility recently, after hip surgery. She raves about the care she received and how they taught her to walk again. She is only sorry that she lost it once when they were teaching her to go up and down the stairs. "That's understandable," I tell her.
She is 89 years old and partially blind. When I saw her in the hospital, she said she would walk into the church assembly again and she did. Everyone was amazed and happy to see her, looking frail but pleased as she held onto her husband up the aisle.
She told me that she is going to walk into the service on her own, "In maybe 6 months. Its all in your mind and in the prayers." (And in the physio exercises that she continues to do regularly)

I need some of her positive determination and asked for her prayers.

My legs were beginning to get uncomfortable but the 20 minutes were over. I remember her.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

there's a lot to learn from someone like that

zeb said...

Maybe it's that kind of determination that helped her make it to 89

Carol said...

Yes and yes J. Andrew and Zeb. Thanks for your comments, guys.