Tuesday, December 13, 2005

She Went Snorkeling

Cassandra, a co-worker, was back from her Mexican holiday today. She recounted the adventures but this one lingers in my mind.

She was on a snorkeling tour, enjoying the fish beneath her feet, while resting safely on the rocks. Then their guide led them to deeper water where sand replaced the rocks. "This is alright," she thought while she was led deeper into the ocean.

She admitted to her curious listeners of having a fear of drowning.

She lagged behind for her swimming was weak. Then she saw only the vastness of the water before her.
"Then, I lost it, a panic attack," she confessed. She was taken back to the shore.

Everyone was quiet but as I took tiny little bites of my sandwich, I saw her ocean before me.


Raehan said...

She was brave to go out there with her fear of water.

Carol said...

Yes, Raehan,yes!

Pearl said...

That is not only a well told story, but makes for a haibun.

Carol said...

It does, wow.

I really don't understand these different poetry forms. Can someone point out a good site to visit so I can learn more about them?