Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Name is Carol and I'm a Blogaholic...

If you gotta tell people that this is supposed to be funny, then I'm in trouble, right?

I am on Blogexplosion which is a web site that is supposed to help bloggers increase traffic. A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of night and, this was not a good idea but I succumbed, I turned on the computer. I was attracted to the Shoutbox which is a message board on BE for (lonely and insomniac?) bloggers.
Unfortunately, it was fun. So last night, when I once again found myself awake at 2:30 am, you have a clue to what I did. This feels like the hard stuff, you know?


Raehan said...

Hi Carol! I did blog explosion for a while but gave it up. i have a blogging friend that got addicted to their blog wars.

To answer your question on my blog, I am in a Library Science Program and am taking their introductory courses, one at a time.

Carol said...

Thanks for the warning.

mompoet said...

Thanks for the warning! I will not go there. How did you feel today after your wakeful night? I'm getting by today on 4 hours from last night but tonight I'm going to catch up.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm on that "no sleep" kick , too. I have to get off of it, though, or I'll loose my mind! I still like it, though...

Carol said...

MP-I am surprising okay. I better start winding down though and stay away from the shoutbox.

J. Andrew-You like it?

colleen said...

I did blogexplosion too...but then never did anything with it. I wrote about blog addiction some time ago (on my sidebar under bloggish) and it got picked up by a proffesor teaching about addictions at a nearby university! I swear that it is addictive...but not as damaging as gambling or drinking!

Thanks for staying in touch and for your kind words of late.

Morgan W. Brown said...

Thank you for visiting and posting a comment to the Blogaholics Anonymous blog Carole.

Much appreciated.

All of us are not so much recovered as one may think, as I just have not been able to keep up with that particular blog as well as others of mine at times either, that's all.

These days, when I am able to anyway, I have been doing most of my blogging on my blog (i.e., Norsehorse's Home Turf) as well as a team blog about mental health matters in Vermont, here; both of which keep me quite busy when I have time and energy to engage in blogging, etc.

By the way, the blog post you posted your comment to happen to be about the 2004 Vermont blogger meetup, which I was not able to attend as it turned out.

However, I did manage to attend the 2005 VT blogger meetup and one can read my post about it, here.

Keep blogging on!

Pearl said...

I got a nomination for the visiting. http://soccerchic9.blogspot.com/

Carol said...

Good to hear from you, as well, Colleen.

I'm going to check those sites out, Morgan.

Thanks Pearl!

kristal said...

Once in a while I will surf over at blogexplosion, but I've never tried the shoutbox. I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to say.