Saturday, December 03, 2005

Excerpts from a Life

On Saturdays, I post excerpts from my journal. I am still at 1975 when I was 15 years old and had a huge crush on a boy I called Chevy. I thought I could win his heart by losing weight. Mango was my best friend. I mentioned on this past Thursday's post that Mango and I used to ask questions of one another and write them down. This was similar to the question memes that are quite prevalent on many of the blogs today. Mango and I called them "ballots" and we did them every month.

The following is a composite ballot of questions that Mango asked me way back then:

1. Why do you like doing these ballots?
"I don't know. I like asking questions, I like answering questions. Sometimes you can ask questions that you wouldn't ask off-hand."

2.If Chevy talked to you and you found that he likes you; how would you tell me?
"I would run up the road, twirling around, you'd know!"

3. Do you honestly and truly mean to be Chevy's steady?
"Maybe not go steady but dating him. I gotta play the field."

4. Do you think you're a serious person?
"At school, during classes."

5. What song would you like our "talented" group, Trilogy, to try?
"Lady Marmalade" (Yikes)

6. Do you believe in women's lib?
"Yes, I do."

7. Do you think you're a funny person, even just a little funny?
"Yeah, I guess so, a little bit."

8. Would you like to sing for an audience?

9. Would you like to direct a performance of Jesus Christ, Superstar if you had a chance?
"I wouldn't want to direct. I'd want to sing!"

10. (We had given a tape of our singing to the music teacher at Mango's school, Mr. Klassen. My older sister had also sent a copy of this tape to Lorne, a fellow she knew who was in a band and needed backup singers.)If Mr. Klassen or that Lorne guy says we're good, well, good enough to make it, would you be really and honestly determined to do it?
"Yes, I think so, if we could get a band."

11.Do you think we could make it, let's say we have a band, could we?
"If I'm not the lead singer, I think so."

12.What would you do if I started liking Chevy? (Just wondering)
"I'd wonder why, first of all, then I would get very upset and try to discourage you or something. I wouldn't talk to you for awhile."

13. Do you really like that story I wrote, not just because it of was of you and Chevy, but the way I wrote it?
"Yeah, but get a plot." (always the critic)

14. If Lorne says we're good, what will Trilogy do?
"Nothing, what can we do? We don't have a band!"

15. What do you think of my fake smile? (Mango was practising for the school photos. Don't be mad at me, Mango)
"It looks better than going like your last year's picture!" (Would you still be friends with this person?? I should interject that the purpose of the ballot was honesty)

16. What is your career ambition and your secret ambition?
"To be an artist and have a lot of boyfriends!"

17. How do you say good-bye very formally?
"I would like to thank Mango for this ballot and say farewell to all the people who have sneaked in my diary!"


Pearl said...

Have you ever seen Jesus Christ Superstar yet?

Such a detailed time capsule. I wonder what my conversations looked like back in high school. I have memories but they drift in a way paper is as liable to.

Carol said...

Mango and I saw Jesus Christ Superstar a multitude of times. It played in our small town theatre for three days and I think we saw it 5x. The last count I remember was 12 but then stopped counting.
Trilogy performed it many times as well, in our bedroom to the record.
I have never seen the broadway

I am go glad that I wrote so much detail in my journals and that I am sentimental about not throwing things away. They are a treasure to me and I am glad to have people to share it with.