Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Being Kind to Me

  1. I let myself go back to sleep after the kids were gone for school. I have not been sleeping well, lately. I had planned to get groceries but I told myself it was okay to leave it until the afternoon. I woke up 2 hours later with guilt pangs which I chose to dismiss. Now is the time to practice compassion. Being stressed is not a sign of success.
  2. I went to a grocery chain where they pack the groceries and push the cart to your vehicle. It cost more but the savings were luxurious.
  3. My daughter volunteered to make a casserole for ourselves, also doubling the recipe for a family from church. It is an easy recipe and will let her experience the feeling of a generous spirit. By allowing her to do this, I am being blessed, too.
  4. Planned procrastination days are allowed, but unplanned ones are even better.
  5. Introspection hurts as hidden thoughts surface. It is healing to face them but, in kindness to myself, I mustn't dwell there too long. It is comforting to visit someone else's thoughts and circumstances for a change.
  6. When I look around and think that everyone is dealing with life so much better than I, then it is in kindness for myself that I say, appearances can be attractively deceptive. If I could see the struggling inward souls, then I would not think myself any worse.


Rhiannon said...

Yes Carol give yourself "caring compassion" and let others help you out some. A store that actually wheels your cart to your car and puts your groceries in the trunk of car? WHERE????lol..


moira said...

Carol, so glad you are being kind to yourself. And yes, I think appearances can be deceiving; I often convince myself that everybody but me has it all together. Not a helpful or productive thought, and not at all based in reality.

So sorry I keep disappearing; I haven't forgotten about you, promise. Am dealing with some hurdles.

Barbara said...

Carol - What lovely thoughts you have.

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, girlfriend, good for you. I loved what you said about letting your daughter help you and bless some one else by making an extra casserole to give away! Isn't that the true spirit of Christmas?

Just remember we tend to look at everyone else around us with a telescope and we look at ourselves with a microscope.

By taking care of Carol you are actually taking care of your family and those that love you.

I'll be praying you to sleep tonight! Kathy

Carol said...

Thanks everyone!
I had another terrible sleep last night though. Went back to sleep in morning etc.
Good thing is that I finished the book I have been reading (On the Rez)and have been staying away from the BlogExplosion's shoutbox.

I am always glad to hear from you when you pop back into the blogworld.

Pearl said...

Making the most of time off by relaxing into it is great.

A lot of people have said to me over the years of themselves, why am I the only one with so much struggles and trouble when everyone else is so happy. The wisest answer I heard to that came from a coworker."Everyone's got something hun". One cares for an aging parent with Alzheimers, another has arthritis, another cancer that they never mention, another rages that are safely contained out of social sight, another has diabetes, the next recurrent depression. No one gets far in life without something big.

We are all surivivors. We are all coping. We are all doing great, considering.

Carol said...

Thanks Pearl,
That would be a good exercise, to look around and see what people are dealing with and how.

It is also good to realize that some days are easier than others and everyone can use encouragement.

Yes, everyone is struggling.