Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Hairdresser

I have been going to Monika for the past 14 years. I had previously experienced the worst haircut of my life from one of those McHaircut places. The woman who had given the cut explained that the reason my hair was sticking up was because it naturally grew that way. Okay...

I phoned a new hair salon that I had seen and after explaining the bad experience I had, I told her that I wanted the best person there. The girl wisely gave me an appointment with the salon's owner, Monika. Monika was single then, outgoing and a fantastic hairdresser.

It was a habit, back then, to have a night out with my Husband after getting my hair all nicely styled. Monika would give good suggestions on where to eat, what movie to see etc. After all, she was single and with it.

After my husband gave our eldest daughter a haircut, I started taking her to Monika. Then, when the middle girl had hair, I took her too. I thought, might as well make it a family affair, and my little guy would sit on a booster pad to get his hair cut. He didn't like getting his hair blown dry though. My Husband wasn't about to go to a hair salon but he did take the kids sometimes. Monika would comment how they were quieter when he brought them.

She since has gotten married, bought a house and moved her shop to her home. She has two children. She is no longer an expert on where to go for a night out but knows where the bargains are and where to go for family holidays.

Her sister dated Brad Pitt when he was here in the city several years ago before he was as famous as he is now. Monika told me that he came to her house for perogies. He had never eaten them before.

She inherited land and a hotel in Costa Rica a couple of years ago. She goes there every few months and makes it known that they might move there some day. She is in the process of having the hotel demolished to build condos.

The sound of her voice and the concern in her voice remind me of Oprah Winfrey. I told this once and she said she had been told that before.

I asked her about Costa Rica again today. I am still trying to get used to the idea.


mompoet said...

Sounds like Monica is somebody who you appreciate for more than haircuts. I hope she decides to stick around a bit longer for your sake. Otherwise maybe you and your family will have to plan a trip to Costa Rica.

Carol said...

Monika is so different from me that I am somewhat amazed by her. When we found out our birthdays are days apart, we were surprised but started thinking of how we were alike. I was even more amazed by that.

Me getting on a plane to go to a tropical rain forest?

zeb said...

Now that would be an expensive haircut