Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What Do Ya Do All Day???

6:30 am. The alarm goes off. I had a great sleep, no "middle of the night warm milk mug" by my bedside. The kids are all awake, excited about school. I check my blog while they get ready. I am really only a reminder. "Do you have your snack? Do you have your lunch? Do you have your..."

7:00 am. We have a Bible and prayer time together. We will be going through Ecclesiastes this year as I think it is a good book for teenagers to learn about what is important in life.

7:15 am. They are gone. I start the laundry then have my own prayer time. I have breakfast and read a couple of sections of the newspaper.

8:00 am. I fill out a bunch of school consent forms and write out recipe cards for the Ladies Meeting on Friday. I thought it would be nice to do them by hand but it is taking a long time to write out 15 Cajun Cods.

9:oo am. Ah, it is a decent time to phone my pal, Mango. We talk while I do the laundry and take the dishes out of the dishwasher, reminiscing about the childrens' chores.

10:00 am. I get off the phone to write two more recipes out.

10:30 am. I do an exercise video.

11:30 am. I start today's blog!

11:55 am. The service advisor for our van phones and says the van needs a $698 job done. Sigh... I tell him that my husband will be home in 5-10 minutes, will he be there? Yes, he says.

12:00 pm. My husband is home. He phones back and gets an answering machine. Hmmph!
Ok, time to start lunch.

1:00 pm. Service advisor phones back, the warranty has expired. I am angry. I deserve some blog time.

1:30 pm. I get off the computer to wash the dishes, continue with laundry while talking to another friend on the phone. I am bothered by the van.

2:45 pm. Eldest comes home from school, excited to talk. Others follow soon. Snack time-popcorn and oranges. Chores are assigned. The youngest gets off easy- setting the table for supper. The middle girl is to clean all the mirrors and the eldest will make supper. I am still doing laundry and writing recipe cards (one more to go) but squeeze in time to read a blog.

3:40 pm. We go over the many school forms that say "review this with your child." They do their homework.

5:30 pm. I look at a couple of blogs while supper is being made.

6:00 pm. Supper is served.

6:30 pm. We leave for Bible Study. We are studying the book of Jude.

8:40 pm. The kids are making their lunches and getting ready for bed while I sit down to finish my blog of the day and look around.

So what do ya do all day???


Pearl said...

Not nearly so segmented nor structured to any routine. We may get up anytime between 5:30 am and 8:30. We may eat supper anytime between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm. We may go to bed anytime between 9pm and 1 am. A day is 24 hours since cat has been taking hissy fits day and night.

In the day IM is left open so my Hub can contact me most times, even if to leave a message. Errands for groceries or library is every couple days and may happen at any time I need to get away from cat.

In between times cleaning, laundrying. A few days ago I prewrote 4 blog entries so I only do final refinement before posting. At some point, reading some of the books on hand, researching, writing, revising poems, going around blogs, chatting with friends, planning and cooking some meal.

An hour or two's walk and talk happens at some point most evenings.

Carol said...

Hmmm, sounds great.

mompoet said...

It's amazing how much you do in a day if you break it down into times and actions. I felt happy reading your detailed account of a typical but important day. mp