Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I was sensually impressed by a magazine cover of a woman surrounded by soaps she had made. I imagined myself surrounded by the smooth pastels and natural scents.
When I heard of a soapmaking class, I immediately signed up. The process seemed easy enough at the one day workshop.
Afterwards, I bought a couple of additional instruction books and lye. This attempt was not as successful. The lye leaked out of my flimsy mold leaving an unesthetical glob. Soapmaking was not appealing after all.

That was ten years ago and I still love handmade soaps but it is the end product I enjoy and not the process. Someone else can endure the burning lye, not I.

Then I learn that to be the woman on the cover, I still have to endure failure and unpleasantness in order to achieve.


mooalex said...

Interesting observation...
Hey, thanks for stopping by MooAlex! Hope to see you again.

kenju said...

I sometimes imagine myself in crafts like these, and the imagining is enough. I am sure the lye would have eaten through anything I touched with it!

Sometimes I go so far as to purchase products for new crafts (such as scrapbooking) and years later, I find those products still in their original wrappings. Maybe I should take that as a lesson?!