Monday, September 26, 2005

Does anyone have a caption for this photo?

This is a typical during meal preparation: I am visiting on my headset phone while the cat hopes for some tasty treat to fall.

Well actually, she doesn't like brocolli so maybe this is a sign that she really does like me.


Luiz Guerra said...

Hi Carol, gostei muito de sua página, uma beleza, e você escreve muito bem. Abraços.

Jennifer said...

I love that picture!! Do you like having an indoor cat? I'm trying to decide if it will work for us.
I am not a phone person, but it seems that that would reduce the tedium of cooking dinner!!

Carol said...

Hi Luiz Guerra,
I only understand the "Hi Carol" part. (My Spanish to English translators did not help.)

Hi Jennifer,
Yes, we love having an indoor cat. She never goes outdoors and is content with that. She only got out twice and both times she was too scared to move.
Everytime I pick up the phone, I have to start doing something. I am so well trained!

TC said...

Too cute! My cat used to love to each the veggies like broccoli and cabbage that I dropped on the floor while chopping.

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you are having fun with yours. Cute kitty-cat!

Elle said...

Caption or Cat-ption:

"If she starts chopping up a mouse, I'm pouncing.."

Pearl said...

Luiz I believe is talking in Portuguese. To bridge from my Spanish, I'd say it says aprox,

I enjoy your page a lot, it is a beautiful one, and your writing voice is very nice. Hugs, Luiz

Carol said...

Thanks Pearl
and thanks Luiz!

Raehan said...

I think she likes you. Cause you are very likeable. and Brocolli is not so much.

Coming from Michele's today!

zeb said...

Human at workstation 4
You are not following your prerecorded instructions.
The broccoli gets chopped much smaller than that and you are lagging behind the other workstations

zeb said...

yoooooo hoo oh yooooo hooo could you please take a break from chopping your rabbit food to perhaps notice that a certain cat dish is in need of replenishment

zeb said...

I do not see a plate in front of me,do I? No, there is obviously no plate in front of me. This total lack of manners and respect will no longer be tolerated

zeb said...

It is always the mark of a fine establishment when your food is prepared in front of you.

Carol said...

Thanks for the submission :)

Sounds quite plausible to me.

My favorite is the Yooohooo one. That sounds just like something she would say.

your cat said...