Friday, September 23, 2005

Friendly Friday

Hello Friends of the Friendless Marching Band!
Thanks to those that have submitted sites to be visited this week. The Marching Band continues to spread cheer and goodwill to the friendless blogs of the blogsphere.

It was a pleasure to read the featured blog Over Another Hump from the beginning to get to know Frances McKay. She is a retired schoolteacher who lives in a small town (population 21) in the Australian outback.

I liked her blog because:
  • of a sample of her flash fiction in "Read Smell the Roses?"
  • I learned of Australia
  • I wondered if Frances really did uncover a dinosaur?
  • I enjoyed her poetry and found more of it on Nature Writing
I am having fun visiting these bloggers. I hope you are too.

Other sites submitted are:
Please submit more sites for next week and have fun blogging!


Marti said...

Happy Friday Carol,

I wanted you to say thank you for all the kind words. I absolutely enjoy reading your blog. I have been extremely busy the past few months with our HS band. We are going to our first competition Sat, Oct 1 as well as, hosting a competition Oct 15. Check out the band's webpage

Have a great weekend.


Frances Mackay said...

Thank you Carol, I am honoured that you took the time to read the whole blog. I appreciate your comments and am particularly pleased to get them today (Saturday here) because my satellite system crashed over the last couple of weeks and I haven't visited my site since the last entry.

Carol said...

Band members. this has been had a fantastici Friendly Friday! Thank you for being on time and remembering your instruments. Your comments were great.

Marti, your excuse is accepted. I took note of all those fabulous band pictures :)

Hi Frances,I am so pleased you dropped by. I hope you will consider becoming a band member yourself!

purple elephant said...

Hi Carol! I think you go missed out at Michele's (all thise people posting at the same time!)so I am stopping by to say Hello!
Love the blog!

TC said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a great blog and mentioned some really intersting ones in your post.

Mango said...

Here`s a site to check out for next Fri.:
The Artificial Human of Arizona