Friday, September 02, 2005

Friendly Friday

Hello Friendly band members!
I hope you had a good week and are ready for our march.

The featured friendless site today is Youssoff.
I like that this blog because
  • Youssoff has been blogging for over a year.
  • Youssoff is a sheep.
  • there is a lot that a sheep has to say.
  • there is a lot to learn about sheep.
  • I like the sheep games.
  • it is very unique
  • it is fun
    Two other blogs were also submitted. I hope you will visit these as well.

    There is Vanesita at "It's Peru, Baby." She writes interesting pieces of her life in London now.

    at "Longing for More of Jesus..." could use encouragement. I find it hard not to be moved by someone who is trying hard to overcome her weaknesses.

    Have fun meeting these bloggers. I hope you will meet someone that will be "bookmarked" for a deeper friendship.
    Remember to march with your eyes open for more friendless sites this week.


Superhero Bob said...

Carol - I can't read my own writing!!! It's John 14:12! Sorry!

Carol said...

Hi Ciera,
I'll put my response under the "Miracles" post on August 30th.

Yaeli said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check those out! Who can resist a blogging sheep?

Michele sent me!

-E said...

Michele sent me. And thanks for the other blogs, I'll definately check them out. I'm excited to see what a sheep blogs!

Carol said...

Hi Yaeli,
Thanks for visiting Youssoff as well on your rounds!

Carol said...

Thanks -e for visiting Youssoff too.

Mango said...

Here`s a site for your consideration:
Lotus-Estranged Love