Friday, September 30, 2005

Friendly Friday

Hi members of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. I thought we were due for a casual Friendly Friday! So have a relaxing march to these remarkably cool friendless sites.

The featured site this week is From the Edge to the Center.

I like this blog because:
  • Stephen is a fellow reading enthusiast
  • who gives great book reviews
  • I am almost convinced to try a graphic novel
  • the accompanying pictures of his current books are creative and inviting
I found this week's options difficult to choose from so also check out artificial Human of Arizona. He is a great photographer but that is not all.

Thoughts of a Longcat is written by a British composer who mixes his ordinary music with the offbeat. He also cycles around London giving a close look at life there.

New band recruits are welcome.
Remember to submit more friendless sites for next week!


Karen said...

Hiya Carol, from Wisconsin! Loved the photo. My son is in a marching band as a freshman in college.

Oh yeah, Michele sent me....

zeb said...

Keep up your excellent and creative addition to blog world. This is a very entertaining and motivating site

Carol said...

The photo was submitted by band member, Marti, the clarinetist. Her daughter is in a high school band.

Thank you Zeb. I hope this means you are reporting back for duties as guitarist for the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band:)