Saturday, September 17, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

Oct 19,1974
Today it was nice outside. Mango and I went bike riding. She came over. We fooled around on the tape recorder,sang on it etc. All the DeFranco songs!!

Oct 20,1974
Mango came over. We made a Peace-In Show on tape.

Oct 21, 1974
Mango and I worked on our Peace-In Show. I would really like to be a comedy writer but...


Curator said...

Assuming Ani DeFranco, a good choice. :)


Michele sent me.

Carol said...

Ah,no..Tony DeFranco...teen idol...1974.

K Jones said...

I'm new to your site as I'm visiting from Michele's but why 1974? A good year, but an interesting year for an exerpt. Just curious.

ribbiticus said...

hello! visiting by way of michele. you're lucky you can still remember that far back! :)

Carol said...

Hello visitors,
These are excerpts from my journals.
I am just starting from the beginning.

Raehan said...

A peace-in show? Sounds very fun.