Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

This is the last day of summer. My children return to school tomorrow.

It was a good summer though I wish we could've done something really special for our holidays. My eldest enters grade 12, so this is probably the last family holiday for her (sob). She loves politics and would've enjoyed seeing Ottawa but staying closer to home su
ited her fine.

I am glad that my children appreciate what we do together. When we gather to watch "I Love Lucy", we all have to be present. They enjoy her as much or perhaps more than I. We laughed through many episodes this summer.

My eldest was in summer school. She worked very hard, getting up at 6 am to bus it across town for her class. She faithfully spent her July doing math. She did so well that her registration fees were reimbursed.

Otherwise, we had a great, lazy summer: sleeping in, on the computer, reading.
When we weren't 'doing nothing', the children helped with the housework.

Tomorrow, we will be hurled back into the discipline of early risings and homework and I'll be all alone with the laundry.

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Pearl said...

Seasons come and go fast, don't they. Maybe you can do Ottawa for Christmas.