Thursday, September 29, 2005


Night light shines on Lucy as she rocks her baby. Her eyes slowly shut while baby does whatever baby wants to. Babies are too unpredicatable for stage directions.
Ricky comes into room, wearing his tux.
He whispers,"Lucy, tum to go to sleep." and first takes little Ricky and places him in crib. Then leads Lucy to bed, she stumbles over an unseen toy and falls into bed.
Ricky smiles at his sleeping family.
Flashback to his family back in Cuba.

Carol enters. She is wearing a colorful kerchief around her long, black hair. Little Ricky is playing the congas on the floor.
"There is my son, the future dentist." Little Ricky flashes her a big smile and plays louder.
"You will take your mama to America someday." she says as he continues to bang on his drum.

Back to the present, Ricky watches his son falling asleep.( If baby is not sleeping then have a long shot of the crib) Carol joins him at the cribside and has a conga drum around her. She hands it to Ricky who smiles and put it around his shoulder.

"Don't play now. Too loud. You'll wake everybody up." She backs up, stumbles over an invisible toy, does a back flip and disappears. Remember to close the trap door after her exit.

Well, something like that...


Phil said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

I like the site . . . will have to return :)


Mike said...

Hello Michele sent me. Interesting site. I will have to come back and read more later.

zeb said...

Hello,Michele most emphatically did not send me. It seems that loosey is out of control.

zeb said...

A back flip is a fairly decent accomplishment for a non gymnast

Carol said...

Phil and Mike, I hope you do!

Uh...more like Looosey's mother in law is out of control;)