Saturday, September 10, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

October 12,1974
Mango came here in the evening. We drew a picture of one another. Mango's picture of me is good but mine of her isn't!
For the past week or so, I have not had any snack at night. It's not so hard to go without it but I really eat at supper. I shouldn't.

October 13,1974
Mango came over in the afternoon. I drew a better picture of her. It looks like her! Don't think I'm conceited or anything but I have to write my true thoughts. So there's no pretending to be modest. Dad said I might be an artist yet. I hope so. I gave it to Mango. She gave me the one she did of me.

October 15,1974
In the afternoon at school, Laurie and I were sitting in the library filling out a form when I saw Chevy coming in. He walked to this table right beside us. When he walked by, he bumped my chair. He was so close, that if I wanted to, I could've touched him.

October 17,1974
I like Chevy sooooo much. I wish I was not sooooo fat. I'm trying to lose weight, but it feels as if I'll never get there. Never lost nothing. Guess how much I weigh?
185 lbs. Wow so much. If anybody read this, I'll die. Now you know how fat I am. Do you think Chevy is that stupid or hard-up. I just don't know. When I look back at this, I hope I don't weigh more. Carol, lose weight now! When I am older, it will be too late.


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Yoggy Adams said...

Nice Blog,

Michele Sent me....

Yaeli said...

Michele sent me tonight.
It's always interesting finding old diaries. I found some of mine a few months ago and realised that I had practically stalked this guy when I was about 15. The thing we do huh?

Raehan said...

These are really sweet, Carol. I like your journal entries. I have some from the 70s, too, that I did a post on many months ago.

Carol said...

Thanks Real Window Gallery and those from Michele's-Yoggy and Yaeli. Yaeli-I have felt like a stalker looking back as well. Maybe it is a teenage thing that normally is grown out of?

Hi Raehan, So can you give me a clue where those journal posts are?

Lish said...

Hi, Michele sent me.

Dani_elle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. And for the free advertisment. It is nice to read about your life as well. Anyway, have a good one! :-)

-E said...

Wow, fun diary. I found one of mine from 5th grade. I apparently wanted to help my parents pick out a good family to adopt my little sister because they were taking too long doing it on their own.....

Michele sent me.

Carol said...

Thanks Lish and -e for playing at Michele's. It is fun, especially on the weekend. To see what I mean go to

-e, Diaries are so much fun to reread. Aren't we glad we didn't tear them up.

Danielle, My pleasure and I'll be back to visit you.

mary said...

Hi, Carol, I'm another one who found you via Michele's. I love the 'Excerpt from a life' entries you make. A few times you've broken my heart here as the words I read sound so familiar from my own past.
Nice blog you have. :)

Carol said...

Mary, It feels really nice to be able to share this with others who understand.