Thursday, September 15, 2005

Should I Get the Tee-Shirt?

Cybernetic Artificial Rational Observation Lifeform

Cyborg Name Generator


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

if it brings out your eyes, then yes!!!!!!
just dropped in to say thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

Dani_elle said...

Hey. No, I am not a telemarketer. It is just for my store. Although when I am job hunting I guess I should rule telemarketer out since quite honestly I am not very good at it! :)

kenju said...

Nice to know you are rational, huh?

Raehan said...

I'd say, no.

Get this one instead.

A-always remembers Fridays
R-really sweet to the Friendless
O-orchrestra leader

Carol said...

Thanks everyone for visiting
Old (well,okay, I am just middle aged)

See you tomorrow!